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Biggest Football Game of the Year!

This Saturday BYU and the U throw it down in, perhaps, the biggest game of the year.

Just what is ridding on this game? Everything!

1. The University of Utah needs a win to go to conference.
2. If BYU wins they break the U's winning streak.
3. TCU beat BYU, and the U beat TCU. If BYU beats the U, the inadvertently pull up from their game with TCU.
4. BYU and the U are rivals!
5. Amid everything, BYU has managed to beat the U the past two years.

So, now I ask, who is going to win? Come on people, I wanna hear what everyone has to say.

Who will win this Saturday?

We win some, we lose some

At least the Mountain West Conference will get some cash from Utah's victory.