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Fall '09 Student

I've scouted out housing during my "College Tour 2008" trip here in Provo, Utah. And i've come to only 2 apartments I want to live at but can't decide between.

The Branbury & The King Henry Apartments.

I really like the river and forest next to Branbury but the cool clubhouse and "guarunteed" social life at King Henry can't be missed either. Both are about the same distance from BYU.

King Henry is more expensive but includes some utilities while Branbury is cheaper but makes you pay all you pay all your own.

SO I leave it up to you to help me decide. Which should I choose and why? Please help!


I would choose to live in neither. Apartment complexes are such a rip off.

What does an apartment cost nowadays? $300/mo or so? So when you figure you have 6 people living in an apartment you're paying $1800/mo for a cramped living space where everyone is living on top of each other and you don't even get your own room.

Go find a 3 bedroom house in Provo and you'll be paying something more like $750-$850. You'll get your own room, you'll have a lot more space, and it will generally be a better situation.

I don't know what the numbers are like now, but plug in whatever the actual numbers are and you'll see how big of a rip off it is living in a complex. Plus, you're less likely to be dealing with a stupid management company in a house. In fact, I only deal with private owners and I only live in houses. Property management companies around here tend to screw students any way they can.

If you insist on getting ripped off: any apartment complex is going to come with a "social life" built in. Branbury is known for being a little more of a party place and wasn't BYU approved for a long time. King Henry will be a lot more conservative and mormony. So there ya go - where do you fit?

About living in houses

Unless it's zoned as student housing, it's illegal to have more than 2 unrelated people living in the same domicile. Just FYI. Provo has been cracking down on this lately.

Dido to this. And I believe

Dido to this. And I believe the law states that you can't have more than 3 unrelated people living together. Even if rent is $900/month, split three ways that's about $300 for a _much_ better living environment.

NOT Branbury!!!

please please please do yourself a favor and DO NOT live in Branbury! I lived there and j can tell you that it stinks in just about every way. The best place I ever lived was on Condo Row. Condo Row is an area between 700 and 800 north and 700 and 900 east. VERY close to campus and a great atmosphere and wards. A bit more pricey and a slightly older crowd. I guess every place has it's ins and outs. If I were younger (no older than 22), I would chose Liberty Square. 23 or older, condo row. They aren't super expensive (nor super nice in some cases) and, in my opinion, provide the best exprience for your buck.

Bit I digress because it depends on your budget, sex, whether you drive a car, and what kind of experience you are looking for. But I still maintain that no matter who you are, you shouldn't live in Branbury. Hope that helps. SOUTH OF CAMPUS RULES, in general.

one more thing!!! Don't be

one more thing!!! Don't be fooled by the distance to campus. It totally depends on which end of campus you spend the most time. For me south of campus was better because of my many biology and chemistry classes. Business major people may be better off in glenwood or riviera. But look at travel times. Coming from branbury you can go north to university parkway if driving but there is always taffic. Go the other way and you are looking at some long left turns. King Henry is a prettygood straight shot up 900 east. No matter if driving, walking, or riding a bike it's going to be faster. Lots of things to consider. In general closer to campus is better for the experience.

Don't chose Branbury because there are a lot of people living there that aren't going to BYU like yourself (about half or more NOT going to BYU). Also don't live there because close parking sucks and there is a lot of immorality there. Oh and if you have a car, expect dents, scratches, and tree sap at branbury. Facilities look nice but quality is poor.

I loved living in King

I loved living in King Henry. I've never met many people from Branbury, but it has a really stuck up reputation. Something to consider.

And the WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've thought long and hard on the subject, read numerous reviews (including this post) and took tours of both complexes (Branbury couldn't show me a room because they said they were full, but King Henry was more than happy to open up an apartment for me to inspect).

I'm extremely excited to finally be leaving the micromanagement horror that is the Marine Corp and off to freedom that is college.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a review, and see you guys fall 2009!

Just an update

I've filled out my contract, placed my down payment and have reserved myself a room for fall 2009. So i'll be seeing all you King Henrians's real soon. I hope there's plenty to do and plenty of friends to make. Being in the Marine Corp has turned me into a real bad loner because of all the "opposite of the honor code" dealings that go on here in the Marine Corp. I chose the "south of Campus Conservative Mormony" apartment complex for a reason. That this is where I want to live. Simple as that.

So with all that said, for all your KH tenants out there, I hope to meet you all real soon and get back into church several times a week since it was a struggle in the military living at the Marine Corp Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, CA.