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UVU's Same-sex Marriage Debate

Yesterday Utah Valley University hosted a same-sex marriage debate between panels. Opposing same-sex marriage was Dr. Loveless from BYU and an alumni student from UVU. In favor of same-sex marriage was Cheryl Jacques former state senator from Massachusetts, and a student at the school who was also the president of the Gay-Straight alliance there.

What I wanted to know was if anyone here had attended and what you thought about the debate.

I understand that UVU will be putting video of the debate online so that people who missed it can watch it.



Who won the debate?

Wow, I had no idea this was going on.

I would be curious to hear about the outcome of the debate. Who won and what were some of the strong points from each side?

UVU Review

about the video

as far as I could tell, I was the only one filming the debate, and i was doing so for my own use, possibly, concerning a documentary about homosexuality at byu. I think they got mixed up when they saw me there, so I don't know if video for this event is forthcoming, from the school at least.

if enough people want the footage, i could try to release it, though I'd have to clear it with byu's Dr. Loveless. That guy was pretty paranoid about people soundbyting him to death. He added a paragraph of caveat text to his release form. I honestly don't think he'll go for it, but I could ask.

I'd love to see it

That would be cool if you could get it online somewhere I'd like to see it.