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Same Sex Marriage Affects You

You need to watch this video, it is an outrage!

Same sex marriage is spreading

First Massachusetts, then California, and now Connecticut.

"Now that the Connecticut Supreme Court has ruled same-sex couples have the right to wed..."

It is only a matter of time before the issue hits every state. Once that happens, there will be no hope for public schools. Thanks for the informative video.

I'm outraged! I haven't had

I'm outraged! I haven't had to copy and paste a link for years!

LDS Church Present Marriage Videos

Thanks for your video,

Here are some videos from the LDS church.

Preserving Marriage

I'm LDS; and I'm a little

I'm LDS; and I'm a little upset the church is taking a political stance in this issue. I don't believe sexual orientation is a choice. I don't believe our laws should discriminate against people who fall in love. I believe people are entitled to equal protection under the law. Like social security benefits, rights to visitation in hospitals. It's not the rule of law I learned at BYU. I don't believe this is about protecting families--it just feels like homophobia to me. It's a little creepy, a little not-cool.

I'm LDS and I'm A lot

Whatever! Homophopbia? It's not at all wrong to say that homosexuality is wrong. It is. It is a moral question answered by our faith. I don't think people should be discriminated against for having a differernt point of view. The Gay and Lesbian community is not being attacked. The idea of traditional marriage is being preserved. Gay and Lesbian folks have the right to enter into domestic partnerships valid under the law, this allows for the "rights." Heck they can even have the right to marry..someone of the opposite sex. It's a lifestyle choice period. We don't talk about rights of alcholics to drive, or pediphiles to continure their actions even though there is evidence of genetic pre-disposition. I doubt the previous poster is LDS or ever stepped foot on BYU's campus. If they had they wouldn't feel it was "creepy and un-cool." What is creepy and uncool is that TWICE the people have voted in California and said they want marriage to be between a man and woman and yet the issue is still there.

sure, go ahead and keep pretending homosexuality doesn't happen

I'm outraged that this video is actually serious. I'm outraged that people are actually trying to hide what happens in the world from children. I think that if we want to pretend nobody else has different values than us, we should move up into the hills and hometeach our children and hide them from everyone else with different beliefs, religions, outlooks, or families. And Heaven forbid they actually find they have same-sex feelings when they grow up and kill themselves over it.

Come on people, be realistic here. You need to tell your children your beliefs and teach them in your values and ideals. They can contrast that with what the rest of the world does. It's called teaching your children to think for themselves and follow their hearts. This kind of thing reminds me of fundamentalist sects who keep their children from everything to do with the outside world...then when they get out in it without mommy and daddy, they have no idea how to confront sexual and moral issues by their own reasoning.


5-year olds cannot always tell what is right and wrong. They only know what is taught to them. If they are taught that gay marriage and traditional marriage is the same thing, they will not know a difference. Many parents do not teach their children about these things, so they rely on the school system. I wish more parents took the opportunity to teach their kids, but they don't. So we need to make sure the school system is using morals to teach in the classroom.