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Anyone watch the presidential debates?

So the Presidential debate was on every single “broadcast” network this past Friday. I watched a good portion of the the debate. Anyone else catch the debate?

I have to say that I have always considered myself conservative (very conservative), however, NOT republican (at least not right now). I’m not so sure Republicans are upholding the conservative values that they should be. Anyway, I also consider myself a “swing voter.” I can’t seem to settle just yet on who I’m going to vote for.

I cringe every time I hear McCain in a debate. In my mind he hast lost every single debate, and has been the one that takes the biggest loss in each one….yet somehow others who don’t think like me see him as the obvious winner. I think He’s so bad in debates, squandering about and arguing the same way that small child would argue with his friends or parents. It’s like listening to a 10 year old. Pointing fingers at others, and then gloating at how great he is, it’s just very painful to watch.
And I fear that this may be the next president. The guy has lost his marbles.

It was especially annoying back in January when he pulled those same stunts with Romney. Sadly, the lack of intellect with voters meant the demise of Romney as they could somehow relate to the pompous rationale of McCain over the intelligence of Romney.

After Friday’s debates I wonder what will really be the result. The poll results from January’s Primaries reveal that the less educated Republicans were more prone to vote for McCain, and they so happened to make up the majority. It was an interesting election as more people without a college or highschool education voted than in past years. This was one reason why poll results months before were so wrong when the predicted McCain would fail, when in fact he won. They didn’t take into consideration the changing voting demographic, and underestimate the lack of support from the more educated class, who were more prone to vote for Romney. Plus they were done by Gallop, and we all know Gallop can't do stats very well.

Now begins a similar issue. Many believe Barack Obama took the Nomination for the same reason. Lower class, and younger americans were more prone to vote for him, and that outnumbered the upperclass democrat who were more prone to vote for Hillary. Obviously she lost (and thank goodness).

So now you have a race that will be determined largely by the lower class. Yet both individuals were voted in by the lower class and/or less educated during the primaries. Who then will the choose? And will swing voters which are largely the upper or at least more educated class make any real impact?

I try to stay un-bias (though I know I’m not). It really is an issue of the lesser of two evils. Both talk of more war, but war in different places. McCain wants more war in Iraq while Obama wants less to none. Obama wants a new war with Iran and Pakistan and more troops in Afganistan, while McCain opposes that. Neither are really seeking peace, and both are willing to throw more soldiers out…it’s just a matter of where.

I watch the debates and wonder how I could ever vote for McCain…yet I also can’t seem to vote for a Senator (Obama) that has never done anything, and has zero track record of success. Nothing good or bad has happened because of him, as he hasn’t done anything. He talks well, and would make an excellent World Diplomat, and would likely increase foreign relations…but could he do anything else?

I guess it could be worse…we could all be fearing for our lives with Hillary Clinton.

And then of course there is the issue of being able to do common tasks. Obama has never been a leader (a real one). But McCain doesn’t even own a computer and still writes letters with a type writer or through his staff.

Do we have a problem?

"Obama wants a new war with

"Obama wants a new war with Iran and Pakistan..."