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Is Cyberspace the Largest U.S. Vulnerability?

Back in the early 90’s the World saw the power of the United States military when it cut through the 5th largest world military (Iraq) in less than 100 hours. This proved to the rest of the world that we did in fact have the most powerful and technologically advanced military in the world. But has this fear made for a more motivated enemy?

Recently, and less projected by the media, Russia made prior attacks on the country of Georgia simply by hacking into all of their government systems and shutting them down. This was then followed by military fire power which we all know about.

Other American enemies (such as Iran and North Korea) have been working on their nuclear technology. Though they heavily lack the capability to launch a warhead across the world to American soil, it doesn’t take much to load something onto a freighter and sneak it across the ocean and park it right off the coast or even into a port. If a nuclear tipped warhead was launched and detonated approx. 180 miles above the east cost (within their abilities) the electromagnetic pulse given off would reach approx. 1000 miles and affect the entire east all the way to the midwest. Such electronic wipe-out would effect our cyberspace driven country into both chaos and complete shutdown. With a lack of communication our military could be helpless and our country vulnerable to forceful firepower driven attacks.

Just a random rant…