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How about Landlordwatch?

I don't care for most booters, or the booting business here in Provo. I think it's dirty. But hey, since we're speaking out against dirty Provo entities, why not go against landlords? There are plenty of them here that are extremely dishonest. I've heard and experienced countless horror stories. Man, we all get upset with a $40 boot fine that (come on, let's admit it), we often took a risk at getting when we parked, but what about all the "created-fees" of Provo landlords? Here are a couple I've dealt with:

Landlord decides two months into the semester that she wants us to have mattress covers. If we don't have them in two weeks, no problem, she'll buy them for us and take thirty dollars out of our deposit.

Different landlord tells us we need to set an appointment to check out. When? Oh, anytime Tuesday through Thursday from 10AM-3PM. Apparently these folks are unaware of these things called, "class," and, "work." So after trying unsuccessfully to set an appointment a few times, they tell me to do everything on the check out list. I cleaned that place spotless. Hours spent, cleaning out the insides of light covers and the corners of the carpet. Two months later I get back $25 from my $200 refund. Seems I was assessed an Improper Checkout fee of $50 and they charged me a little over a hundred dollars for, "2 1/2 hours cleaning up after you." Funny thing is, two of my roommates stayed there and they were positive that nobody ever came to even check my checkout, much less clean up after me. I left several messages with said landlord, no response.

Finally, my favorite: University Villa taking over $200 out of a down payment I had made THE DAY BEFORE when signing a contract, even though they hadn't yet processed my application (I watched the guy pull it out of the file marked tenants still to register or something like that), and the move-in date wasn't for another five months.

So... Landlordwatch?

Oops, I didn't realize I

Oops, I didn't realize I wasn't signed in. I'm the poster. And I might have taken the issues to a small claims court, but I tend to believe it really isn't worth the effort. I mean, spending fifteen-twenty hours with legal work and court trips isn't really worth $150. I tend to think they're much like insurance companies: they'll screw you with what they feel they can get away with without a fight. IMHO.

Provo Landlords are Whores

I don't know how to defend this statement except that the Spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true.

I think it should be integrated into, which should also have a community rating system while we're at it.


Capatilism isn't all it's cracked up to be, which seems to confrim your bias towards Landwhores, Serano.

Since we're throwing out thinly veiled ads, is my choice for finding off-campus housing (and sticking it to the man in the BYU housing office).

Rating Systems

I would love the idea of a ratings system. I actually just sent off an e-mail to my manager here at Canyon Terrace because of the evil bill I just got (use less electricity, but the amount I pay goes up?). I remembered seeing something about apartments on the Provopedia, so I came here to to write a piece on Canyon Terrace for the Provopedia, but couldn't find it. Oh well, if anyone wants my take on Canyon Terrace, e-mail me and ask (BTW, I'm married, so I don't know about the singles ward or the singles scene here, but I can talk about the layout, the management, the bills, etc.).


On accepting the shaft willfully:

I wouldn't be so quick to blame capitalism. I think that BYU-approved housing system plays a significant role in keeping the rents artificially high. The Daily Puniverse conducted a study a few years ago comparing the cost of rent around BYU to the cost of rent around the U of U. Don't quote me on this, but if memory serves BYU-renters paid about $100 more for rooms that were comparable in size, quality, and distance from campus.

That said, you don't just have to bend over and be screwed by the big apartment complexes. For blatant breaches of contract, you can go to small-claims court. If it's more along the lines of this poster's problems, you have the right to have your case mediated according to the BYU Housing contract, and my general impression is that they tend to find in favor of the tenants.

The problem with integrating

The problem with integrating rating functionality into either or is that the landlord's are their customers. If a landlord's property were to be slammed by one of these site's ratings systems they could easily pull their listing, reducing the site's profits.

I agree

If capitalism were left free reign in provo I think the students would be better off than having a false-economy as imposed by BYU's approval process. All BYU is doing is limiting supply while demand continues to grow unchecked. That means, the few "approved" complexes we're left with can almost name their price because WE'RE TRAPPED!

Now, if BYU actually made good on its threats to remove approval because of poor living conditions or repeated complaints from students, then, at least, the QUALITY of the apartments might be somewhere near the worth of the price. Unfortunately, this is not the case and students continue to live in dirty, run-down apartments that cost three times what they should (I'll save my 'rent by the space' rant for some other time).

BYU should let nature take its course and not pervert and distort an economy by virtue alone of its status as a private school and therefore its control over where its students can live (even when they LEAVE CAMPUS to go to their apartments). Essentially, all of Provo is BYU's dorm and they say who can or can't live somewhere (and you thought you moved out of the dorms).

So, how about BYU-overstepping-their-bounds-watch?


Until someone starts up an independent rating site all the info we get will be skewed by the dollar signs floating behind it.

Comparing housing in SLC vs.

Comparing housing in SLC vs. Provo is a bit unfair. SLC is a major American city, housing will always be more expensive in a big city. I am not saying Provo is small, but it is smaller than SLC.


You're right Serano; if you're going to blame anyone, blame the BYU housing policies that create the artificial housing market that we all love so much. In reality, it's just another incentive to get married and leave BYU housing forever. For those of us who are stuck in BYU housing market, the only thing that I've seen work is the housing office. BYU enables landlords to charge quite a bit more for their houses and apartments than they would in the free market, but BYU approved housing does have its protections. A few friends of mine couldn't get their landlord to repair the water leak that was busy breeding new and exciting forms of asthma-inducing mold. BYU housing had their backs. BYU made the landlord release them from their contract, and they moved out that very week.

Citing my friends' experience as my only example, I suggest using the BYU housing office to resolve your problems.

I learned another ingenious tactic a couple days ago while helping my sister look for a house south of campus. We found a very nice place for a nice price, but the girl who was living there warned us that the landlord was dishonest and had been soaking them for all they were worth. She told us that she was going to make sure that the landlord didn't sell any contracts for as long as she was stuck there. Now, that might be a clever way for the girl to keep the house empty, but it might also be fair play. Complexes and individual landlords rely on their reputations for honesty, and I would feel very justified in trashing any reputations that deserved to be trashed.


Which is why housing in Provo should be LESS than housing around the U of U. It's not.

A rate my apartment site

I know CougarHousing would love to link up to an independant site that allows students to place comments and feedback about their apartments. Something like would be awesome. Has anyone created a rate my apartments site for Provo? If so, let me know.

Maybe CougarHousing and could create a joint "rate my apartment" site. I think we could get to help fund it. Let me know if anyone from is interested.

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