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What is America's Biggest Problem?

What do you think?

Reading the news has brought to my attention the many challenges that America is starting to face. As a nation we're in debt, at war, losing respect globally, and in an economic crisis.

What is America's number one problem? Once I determine that, I'll make my choice for President. If you think I failed to list a problem, please post below.

the problem

People Avoiding responsibility for themselves. Millions of people leech off the taxpayers of this nation. Millions of people are willing to put leaders in high places in government who will turn our government into a huge nanny. Cradle to grave care is the future of this nation if we are not careful.

the family

I voted for "other." America's biggest problem is the breakdown of the family. Debt, war, internal turmoil, and environmental concerns can all be traced back to the destruction of human relationships... All the other issues mentioned are simply symptoms of a deeper spiritual/psychological reality that men, women and children are horribly corrupt and broken at their core and are in need of restoration... Only the restoration of the human soul and the family can turn these other social issues around.

Here's my ideas on the biggest problem that America faces

I think #1 is the deterioration of the family. This includes family values, single parent homes, promiscuity, and overall lack of societal accountability.

I will tell you the main

I will tell you the main deciding factor in my vote for president: the supreme court and the high likelihood that the next President will be making an appointment to it.

The recent overturn of the D.C. gunban shows that only 5 of the 9 judges can still read. Despite the simplicity of the second amendment, it somehow escaped nearly HALF the judges in the supreme court. I think that is frightening - even dailykos, the most liberal blog in the world admitted that it's frightening. Whatever happens with foreign policy, we can't stand as a nation if we destroy ourselves from the inside - another illiterate judge will only serve to speed up that process.

There are other factors of course - and important ones, but this one fact is enough to make me vote for an idiot like McCain.

good because a nuclear war

good because a nuclear war with iran is not nearly as scary as a gun ban.

About kos

Markos Moulitsas, the guy who runs kos, served a few years in the Army. He recognizes that gun control is a losing proposition, both in terms of votes and crimes (it tends to turn off a lot of rural Democrats, and it has been shown to have no empirical effect on crime).

Huffington Post is more liberal; the cofounder, Andrew Breitbart, was troubled enough by what his creation had become and went on to found and, two very popular center/right libertarian/conservative sites.

the biggest problem is the

the biggest problem is the politicization of ethics and morality and the taking of the Lord's name in vain by political parties just to gain power. this obscures the real issues you have listed above.

Good point

You have a good point, sin is the probably the biggest problem in our world. If everyone was righteous our problems would quickly vanish. The Book of Mormon shows countless examples of sin becoming a people's greatest downfall.

I suppose looking at the current elections with this idea, I should vote for the candidate with better righteous values.

But that brings up a whole new question, how do I decided who will lead with more righteous values?

Politicians and rightous don't mix well. They're insoluble.

Maybe I am a pessimist or maybe I'm fed up with our government, but I honestly think that a truly righteous politician doesn't exist. Well, maybe that's a bit extreme. It is my opinion that the election this year is going to force me to choose the lesser of two non-integral people.

You lumped the economy and

You lumped the economy and national debt together. They are two separate issues. What gives?

All of the items listed are

All of the items listed are big problems, and unfortunately both major presidential candidates are going to make things worse. That's why i say we should write in Ron Paul..

Dr Paul cured my apathy.


Religious zealots are the cause of far too much grief in the world. History, not subjective religious text, shows us that.
The idea of "rightousness" is nothing more than an opinion. We need a society that is governed and run on fact.
Only by removing religion entirely from the mainstream, and most importanly politics, and replacing it with a geniune focus on basic human needs will we survive as a species.

Wow, you're dumb

What you've just written has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. You make three arguments, none of which holds any weight.

You write "religious zealots are the cause of far too much grief in the world." I don't disagree with you, but there are plenty of non-religious zealots out there to prove the negative. For every King Richards and Crusades, there is a Stalin. For every Hitler there's a Pol Pot. Very few wars are intrinsically religious-- religion is the excuse proffered, not the reason.

You next write that "the idea of 'rightousness'[sic] is nothing more than an opinion." I agree, we all have varying moral standards. It'd be unfair for me to judge a Mormon by the Jewish moral code, or a Catholic by shari'a. However, no society can function long without some agreed-upon set of moral underpinnings.

You argue that we should be governed by fact, yet ignore most of Western history when you make that argument. The fact is, a community without a shared set of values (not necessarily religion, but certainly morality) does not last long. Religion (or, again, at least morality, generally provided by religion) promises to hold people ultimately accountable for what they do. Without it, there's no disincentive to do things that are arguably wrong or against the community's best interest.

Lastly, you say "Only by removing religion entirely from the mainstream, and most importanly [sic] politics, and replacing it with a geniune[sic] focus on basic human needs will we survive as a species."

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Nonreligious societies in the world today do not even have a replacement rate of birth. In essence, facts run precisely contrary to your argument. In case you don't believe me, here's some sources.
CIA ranking of nations by fertility
Ranking of Europe's countries by religiosity
Guess what? Religiosity is positively correlated with fertility. You might argue that getting rid of religion is the only way to survive, but the empirical facts, as we know them, are that religions are the only reason many civilizations are surviving.