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Provo to start collections on 6-year-old parking tickets

Provo, reeling from its losses in iProvo and diminished housing taxes, is pursuing a new avenue of revenue generation-- collecting on parking tickets that are in some cases more than 6 years old, with interest and penalties.

Story here:
Collection Agency Targets Unpaid Tickets in Provo

Frankly, this reeks of desperation and, to no small extent, unfairness. I imagine there will be a lot of surprised students (or parents) finding hits on their credit reports as the tickets are put into collections.

that sucks

That sucks for the elderly lady in the story who had no clue, but I have no sympathy for those to choose to ignore citations. Sure, parking tickets are mostly ridiculous, but aren't they all of $20 in most cases?
I do agree, however, that it is unfair for the city to tack on the interest just because they've fallen on "hard times." I.e., if the economy was blossoming, this belated collection wouldn't be happening. Also, had the city been on the ball in the first place, they would have gone after offenders years before instead of blasting them with a 6-year "interest rate," which in itself is ludicrous. Interest is for investments, not city fines.
I believe offenders should pay, but 4 years of "interest" should be shaved off the penalties. City officials should seek budget cuts instead of punishing the people.

$20, too easy, not true unfortunately

no, most tickets are at $90, they start as a $30, but then they double after 5 business days and triple after 10. The worse part about living in Provo is dealing with the decisions made by Provo city counsel. They appear to take advantage of the student populace. Parking laws here go overboard, you have different legislation depending on what block you are on. The Provo police has an amazing parking enforcement team. They are Nazi's when it comes to parking, and the city police seem worthless when it comes to other crimes of import, such as burglary. This has been my sad experience.


I thought Provo police were nazi until I moved to Boston. Imagine a city full of parking meter ladies that operate under UPE's guilty until proven innocent deal combined with an crowded city and minimal, MINIMAL, street parking.

fair reporting

I believe there is a law in effect that dictates that a company (such as a collection company) must first give notice to the person they are seeking money from before they can ding their credit. That person has 30 days to contest the fee. This is meant to give both a short grace period to pay, and also avoid dinging the credit of people who are infact innocent.


Does the citation mention anything about interest? If not, is it really possible for the city to arbitrarily begin charging an arbitrary interest rate?

Awesome! Just got a collection notice in the mail

For those of you who may/might be falling victim to the Provo ohcrapweranoutofmoneyletscollectonoldtickets issue, here's some info for you:

The company doing the collection is EPN, Inc. It's run by Jessica Devenish and her father. EPN and Checknet run out of the same office, and have attorneys on site (they're all in the same suite). It's essentially one-stop shopping for a collections agency; from their office they can collect on bad checks, issue collection notices, and perform all the legal action necessary to garnish and attach wages, and so forth.

Their record-checking included standard credit report checks, property tax records, and vehicle registration records. To really irk me, they also did an employment check.

When I called to get this straightened out (the collection notice provides an amount, as well as interest, but no indication of what ticket you were getting put into collections for or when it happened), they wanted verification of employment. I told them to go to hell. It's illegal for a collections agency to call your employer and ask for you.

January 2nd, I couriered a request for verification of the debt to their office, which they claimed would be open but was, in fact, not. I left it in their drop box. If I don't hear back from them within the next 26 days, the debt is waived (as they did not provide verification within the 30 days legally allowed).

If you do get a collection notice and wish to fight it (and I suggest you do-- they're trying to collect $120 from me, $90 in ticket and $30 in interest), please check out the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and the Provo Municipal Code. They'll give you a good foundation on which to fight these kinds of heartless collection efforts. I have my legal form (runs 4 paragraphs on one page) that you are welcome to use to provide for verification of the debt.

If you never received a ticket and thus never had a chance to contest it, then you have not yet received due process (Provo Municipal Code to the contrary), any collection notice to the contrary.

Ahhh provo

I hate provo. I'm sorry, I'm a BYU student and Provo City is the worst part of the BYU experience believe it or not. $30 for parking the wrong way on the side of the street (what the hell??) which just doubled after a few days. I am not going to pay it. I can't, I have zero funds.