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Palin chosen as McCain VP nominee! Palin vs. Biden-- what are your thoughts?

Looks like Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska has been tapped as McCain's VP nominee.

So, now that we know who to expect on the ticket come November, what are your thoughts on Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin?

Welcoming Hillary Supporters and women

I think the main reason for this selection is to bring in disgruntled Clinton voters, and independent women. Also, she is a charismatic speaker and she is young. These things will surly help McCain's campaign.

I think McCain made a great choice in picking Palin. She is a strong supporter of the family and a mother of five. She also worked in Alaska to build a natural gas pipeline.

Go McCain and Palin!

Desperate times call of Desperate Candidates

McCain is obviously desperate. It is clear to anyone with a pulse that Palin was a last-second selection scrambled together in the week of the Democratic National Convention in response to Biden's selection. In doing so, he's rendered all of his acussations of Obama's inexperience, "celebrity," and foreign policy shortfalls completely useless. I know what you're thinking: an inexperienced Vice President isn't as bad as an "inexperienced" President....oh really? So the VP has limited influence? That's funny, considering all Dick Cheney did to bring this country to shambles.

Of course, Sarah Palin didn't even KNOW what a VP does at work last month. Her nomination was as much of a surprise to her as it was to all of us. Being a mother of 5 in no way qualifies you to be Vice President of the United States in charge of Congress. Being an avid hunter in no way qualifies you to make decisions for wildlife preservation, much like her attempts to take the failing population of polar bears off the list and to declare open season on hunting packs of wolves that pose NO threat to humans. And being a mayor of a town of 5,000 people and governor of a state population of 670,000 (1/4 of Utah's population, FYI) does not qualify you to make decisions that will influence the lives of 250,000,000 Americans.

Pipeline? You forgot to mention the $22 million dollars of debt she's amassed in only 2 years, despite requesting billions in earmarks and hiring a lobbyist to secure even more funding.

Fun with citations and facts.

Paragraph 1-- What, exactly, has Dick Cheney done to this country? I can't think of anything off the top of my hand. He hasn't influenced policy in any tangible fashion.

Paragraph 2--This should be fun. Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. Let's compare Palin's experience to the last VP picks on the Dem side. We'll start with Mr. John Edwards. Guess how long Edwards was in an elected position? Exactly one term in the Senate. Granted, it's longer than Mr. Obama. What exactly qualified him? Prior to that we had Al Gore, who didn't even carry his own state in his bid for President, and currently makes millions of dollars doing environmental presentations, which he flies to in a private jet and which he drives to in gas-guzzling SUVs.
Next up: "Being an avid hunter in no way qualifies you to make decisions for wildlife preservation, much like her attempts to take the failing population of polar bears off the list and to declare open season on hunting packs of wolves that pose NO threat to humans."
Actually, hunters are the ones who pay for a significant cost of conservation efforts. Hunters have a vested interest in seeing that a sustainable population of critters exist. If you want to see what happens when non-hunters (or at least, people who do not understand hunting's role in a properly functioning ecosystem is), please enjoy the following links:
New Jersey compelled to thin deer herds after years of mismanagement
More on herds needing culling in NJ
New Jersey made hunting EXTREMELY difficult in the years leading up to the culling, resulting in an explosion of deer herds that in turn starved to death, overran lawns, or got hit by cars. Hunters know more about resource management than the clever fools that ran the state's deer population into near-starvation and desperation.
Now, for the polar bears. Yes, Sarah Palin attempted to get the polar bear off the EPA list. Why? Because it had been placed there due to fears of global warming--NOT because the population was in decline. Here's what Palin actually had to say, and some evidence to back her up. Not to mention that protection of polar bear inhabitation would ruin a significant chunk of the state economy.
Palin on polar bears
Polar bear population increasing
Polar bear population stable, global warming not a credible threat
And now, for the wolves. I am not familiar with the "open season" you're referring to. Unless a wolf presents an immediate threat to livestock or human life, then you still need a permit and a tag to shoot one. No, wolves for the most part do not pose a threat to people. However, in isolated communities that are dependent upon the meat and milk provided by livestock, the wolves pose a significant threat to the well-being of the community. I don't know why you would need this explained to you, but here we are.
Lastly, you speak of her experience as governor being inadequate to meet the needs of 250 million Americans. Well, sorry, but Obama spent his entire adult life in the crime-ridden city of Chicago. Without even getting into his associates, there's no way he can comprehend the cultural milieu of your average farmer, fisherman, hunter, or rancher. While Palin's experience may be inadequate, Mr. Obama (who's at the top of his ticket, remember) has even less capability from the point of view of someone like me.
Where are you pulling the billions in earmark and millions in debt numbers from?
And, as far as civics go, the VP is not in charge of Congress. He/she gets to cast the deciding vote in the Senate in case of a tie. The person in charge of the House of Reps is, at present, Nancy Pelosi, and the term is "Speaker of the House."

You seem to be minimizing candidates on the Republican ticket...

RC, You're reply or article seems rather one-sided. Leave the mudslinging to the media. (Oh, wait, I guess this is media, not the media, because it's a public forum. Close enough for gov't work.) Your record of things seems a bit slanted. Not telling you what to do, just putting my 20.08 cents in. Later...