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Gov. Schwarzenegger seeks to cut state workers' salaries to federal minimums in order to balance budget

Article here:,0,2620443.story

Some of you may remember me writing about California's budget woes previously on the Pulse. California, as it stands, has a 15-16 billion dollar deficit. States and municipalities are feeling the pinch too, as property values decline and middle-class and upper-class taxpayers flee to other Western states. Several California municipalities have declared bankrupty.

The Governor's/Republican's solution: Cut everyone's salary until a balanced budget is passed, then give back pay to the state workers.

Democrat's Solution: Keep spending at current levels, and raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

California, as it stands, is already one of the least friendly states in which to do business. The last time a tax hike was passed on the wealthy (people making more than a million a year), a fifth of them left the state.

How would you guys seek to resolve California's budget woes?

Budget solutions do not come

Budget solutions do not come in the form of "Republican" or "Democrat" ideas. They come by common sense and reasoned plans, which, like most things political, involve something a little less superficial than left or right.

The government, from the federal to local levels, has for too long been operating on unsound principles. Since California government is represented by California residents, it stands to reason that California residents should sacrifice to make things right. However that should be done.

Bail out California!

California is too big to allow to fail. The taxpayers in the rest of the country who don't appreciate what liberals are trying to do there need to pay up for all this progressiveness. Especially states that run very low deficits or surplus budgets.

sarc off.