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Provo service

Good news for Provo residents. On the cover of the Daily Herald today, were the bold words, "Provo Leads Nation in Volunteerism.” I was happy when I saw this so I read more. There were some very cool figures in the article.

For example: “63.8 % of local residents over 16 give service each year, more than double the national average of 27.2 %." The second best city was Iowa City with a rate of 45.1 %. Provo was 18.7 % above the second highest city in the nation. Way higher than number two!

The volunteer hours per resident were 132.4 while the national average was 36.1. Los Angeles was even lower in the twenties. The article suggested that the college might play some role in the high hours of service. It also stated that many of the hours were religious.

Salt Lake City was also one of the most generous cities and Utah was listed as the most generous state.

I would say this is a very favorable sign for Utahans and members of the LDS church.

I couldn’t find the Daily Herald online but I did find this:

Can You Measure Collective Charity?

Does anyone think that service is a reflection of collective charity?

By measuring (of course you can never measure perfectly) the amount of service a certain community, city, or country puts out, could that be a measurement of the level of charity, or kindness demonstrated?


I think that measuring service hours is a great metric to use for charitability of a given community.