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Aaron Shamy - Mormon X-game Gold Medalist needs your help!

Aaron Shamy has made his own bucketlist, before bucketlists were even popular.

Among over 200 items on the list is Aaron's goal to get a college degree. He has entered a YouTube competition which has the prize of a full-ride scholarship. Finalists are chosen by the number of YouTube views their application video has received and also its YouTube rating.

Shamy has already crossed off over 100 items from his bucket list including winning a gold medal for the U.S., climbing the Matterhorn, performing with Cirque Du Soleil, knitting a sweater, and getting married in the temple!

Please check out his video and leave a 5 star rating if you think it's deserving.

Click here to vote on YouTube (youtube account required to vote)


Bucket List? The kid isn't even dying (well, any quicker than the rest of us anyway...)

The kid seemed annoying more than anything.

I think its pretty awesome

Its an inspiring video. It makes you realize how much potential you have. I think it's pretty awesome.


Jealous much? :-P


Yeah, he doesn't need the scholarship to get his degree. I think the other contestants had a more deserving story of how the scholarship will help them. He can still get his degree without it. everyone should view the other contestants and make a fair vote