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Another Mormon Moviestar Gone Bad

Michael Birkeland arrested for felony theft:

Has he rejected the faith and become one of the many Mormon stars who has declined into a life of debauchery and denied his morals for the almighty dollar?


Is this post a joke? It's sarcastic, right?

thats not rejecting the faith

Being dumb and stealing something isn't rejecting the faith. Plus he's only been arrested, not convicted. He could be innocent.

Most of us break the law all the time (speeding etc.), or fail to choose wisely and watch some poorly chosen movie, or get pissed at the guy next door, whatever it may be...

Doing something dumb isn't rejecting the faith. And this really has nothing to do with his past movie career. So I'm not sure what the title "Boycott unrighteous movies" has to do with the issue. They may be cheezy movies, but I wouldn't classify them as unrighteous.

When someone comes out and says, "My religion is false," Then they are rejecting the faith. Just being human and doing something dumb is what we all do. Isn't that what our faith is for? To help us get back on track.

title change

well looks like someone went in and changed the title from "boycott unrighteous movies" to "another mormon movie gone bad."

I guess I would have done the same. I'm Still not sure what his past movies have to do with the crime he was arrested for (theft of a computer). Insight?

shouldn't it be another

shouldn't it be another mormon *moviestar* gone bad? the title as it is doesn't make sense: mormon movies can't go bad if thats how they started. badda-bing!

Good advice

Hey Bismark,

You are right, I changed the title. The article is interesting, the title, "boycott unrighteous movies" just didn't fit right. So I think this one is more appropriate.

Now for my thoughts on the matter. I think it's sad that the media will print articles which show people rejecting or failing from their religion. When is the last time you saw an article about someone famous being religious, or keeping the faith? (excluding presidential candidates, a different story).

Side note, I am guessing Mormon movie star don't earn much, considering he tried to rob computers form UVSC.