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Provo Parking Patrol At It Again

If you decide to eat some food at the local Del Taco, be sure to watch out for farty Mc-Booty pants. Apparently the parking enforcement there just assumes if you park your vehicle in the Del Taco parking lot, you're not eating at Del Taco but visiting nearby apartments instead. Which makes sense.

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I know booters don't have to follow the same rules as cops, but it seems like they should have to have some reason to believe that you're doing something wrong before automatically assuming things.

If I'd been in your

If I'd been in your situation, I would have done two things. First, I'd have gotten a Dremel there, in hand, ready to go. Second, I'd have called the cops and told them that my car was illegally disabled and that I wanted to press charges. If the cop showed up and gave me any trouble, I'd proceed to cut off the boot with the Dremel. With the cop there watching. I can't imagine being cited for freeing up your car from what amounts to corporate vandalism.

There's no excuse for this kind of behavior from UPE, and I don't know how widespread it is, but they have had a number of these kind of situations arise over the years, and as far as I know, they've never had any consequences for it. You make a mistake, pay up. They make a mistake, if you're lucky, you've only lost a bunch of time, but they just move along.

I'd like to hear one non-booter express some appreciation for the "services" UPE and the other booters provide. In the meantime, I hope UPE burns to the ground. There's a special place in hell for those who profit from the ignorance and mistakes of others.

I hope you said something to the manager at Del Taco. Something to the effect of, "Lose the 'services' of UPE or lose at least one customer."

Man I hate UPE.

I'd like to hear one

I'd like to hear one non-booter express some appreciation for the "services" UPE and the other booters provide.

If this is your true desire, just to go and you will see one positive comment on the homepage and many more if you click on the references tab.

You're welcome.

You have one reference on

You have one reference on the main page, from Laura Erickson of Wasatch Property Management. In Logan. So maybe I should have been more specific: I'd like to hear one non-booter RESIDENT express some appreciation for the "services" UPE and the other booters provide. As in, a tenant who appreciates the "parking enforcement" provided by you.

The References page?

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So much for that page.

But even Laura Erickson's comments are problematic. Here it is:

We have been very impressed with the services and with the changes we have noticed in our current parking situation. University Parking made all the signs and did all the work, all we’ve done is receive the benefits. I would recommend University Parking Enforcement to anyone who wants to give their tenants security in knowing that they will always have a place to park 24/7.


I would recommend University Parking Enforcement to anyone who wants to give their tenants security in knowing that they will always have a place to park 24/7.

Oh really? Locking down violators in the parking lot provides that tenants will always have a place to park 24/7? That just defies even the most basic logic.

One day, hopefully, you'll come to realize that you're out to make money. Not to provide any service. And once you get to that point, you'll be able to look back at the type of work you do and see that maybe there's a little bit of a chance that your revenue was based largely on collecting fines from the ignorance/mistakes of tenants and guests and/or the questionable tactics and motives of the employees.

In reality, you'll probably continue to disillusion yourself by repeating the words, "there's a sign posted! they should have known better! the property managers made the rules! i'm protecting the tenants!"

Towing and booting are different ways to obtain the same result

When people learn by paying for a boot that they are not welcome to park in certain parking lots, booting in said parking lots will be less common and more parking spaces will be available to tenants IN THE LONG RUN.

But that's just booting. She never said whether or not towing was the only occurrence at her property. Towing would most certainly make more spots available for tenants. And there are plenty of parking lots that have a tow only policy.

And yes, parking enforcement is a business in Provo. The objective of a business is to make money, genius. But making money cannot happen if the property managers that receive a parking enforcement service aren't happy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is in the best interest of a parking enforcement business to be honest and integrable in order to keep property managers happy (and NOT the whiny students). The job of the property manager is to make the students happy with where they live so that students continue to sign contracts to live there. Again, it's a business.

Maybe one day you'll come to realize that Provo has been overbuilt and this has lead to a lack of parking spots. Maybe one day you'll realize that you don't suddenly have "rights" because YOUR car is parked on someone else's property. And maybe it'll take a stranger parking in your driveway at your house to realize private property isn't for public use. If that practice is okay with you then what's your Rexburg address? I'll be happy to prevent you from using your parking space or driveway. Only then will you be able to realize that being able to call the parking enforcement company is a good thing.

Oh Melvin.

And yes, parking enforcement is a business in Provo. The objective of a business is to make money, genius.

You know what other types of businesses thrive? Advance payday loans, rent-to-own furniture/appliances, pawn shops... and a number of other industries that market on disadvantaged populations. It's dirty, it's unethical, and profits are generated by leveraging a generally inexpensive good or service to the desperate for an exorbitant rate.

Think it's ethical for a doctor to promise a life-saving surgery for your child only if you'll give him a million dollars for the 30 minute operation? How about gas stations tripling prices when the area is fifteen minutes from a tornado strike?

Booting and towing, in the Provo area, is no different. Yes there are legitimate times a vehicle should be booted or towed. But you aren't out there to provide a legitimate service. You're out there to thrive on the ignorance or inconvenience of students. You recognize that students lack acceptable parking, you recognize that the city is responsible for inadequate parking, you recognize that there is a conflict of interest in your line of work, and yet you continue to hold to the ridiculously stupid idea that, "park only where you're allowed to," is a solution. You obviously don't want that. That would run you out of business. And lucky for you, you understand that that doesn't happen because it CAN'T happen. Has it ever occurred to you that students park in restricted areas because they really have no other choice? I mean, these are usually fairly bright people. Do you really believe they are gladly accepting a temporary spot for $60-$120?

Tell me, Melvin, how well off would you be if you were cited every time you went 1MPH over the speed limit, or didn't turn your signal on at least 100 feet before the intersection, or walked across the street where there was no crosswalk? You'd be toast, like most people, because laws are designed to create order and structure, not to be enforced with such zeal as to bankrupt citizens and clog the court systems.

You skirt around these issues under the pretense of legality and capitalism, ignoring the basic concepts of right and wrong. How do you think a crowd of people would react if they watched you on the job? How many people would defend you as you rushed out, spent seconds engaging a lock, and minutes later only took it off once the driver cashed out sixty bucks? Or do you have no problem with loan sharks smashing knees when their customers don't repay in full the day payment is due?

You can kid yourself all you want, and say that I and others are bitter because of past experience (once again, I've never been booted/towed), you can talk about how you're providing a good service and managers are happy and cite these cutesy comments about it, but reality can't be masked by all that. Call it what it is: a dirty business that profits on ignorance or hard choices.

By the way, if someone parked in my driveway, my first thought wouldn't be to have them towed. Course, I guess if I could earn $120 for the 15-20 minutes it took, that WOULD be my first reaction. Funny how that works.

Finally I understand the ideology that drives your opinions

I respectfully disagree with most of your opinions about parking enforcement and capitalism in general. Quite simply we have vastly different ideologies.
Not better - different. And with that difference I can completely understand your point of view but never agree with it or understand how someone can think that way. I imagine you feel the same about mine.

So, Farker, please understand that when I'm a denist you betcha i'll charge the going rate of $2,000 for an implant even though my expenses will be much less than $500. I'm a moderate conservative capatilst and you seem to be a progressive liberal socialist. (Again, not necesssiarly meant to be offensive or a bad thing - just an observation.) There aren't many people in Idaho or Utah that think like you, so I admire your enthusiasm and persistence.

However, I'll still continue to believe my opinions on parking enforcemt are correct. Nothing will change them. I hope we can agree to disagree.

My ideology is one based in

My ideology is one based in integrity and honesty. A business transaction is one in which there is a willing buyer and a willing seller. Booters act as a pseudo police force, with no judge or jury (only an internal appeal process that I understand is a joke), and no agreed upon service or rate. The only reason the prices are what they are is the government imposed cap. So don't fool yourself into believing that there is some sort of capitalistic/economic balance in play here.

Your analogy of dentistry is quite different. It would only work if you, as a dentist, took an unwilling patient, performed some mediocre service such as rinsing the mouth, and refused to let the patient out of the chair until he paid an exorbitant bill. It's called extortion in most circles. I'm all for a free market. Booting just does not adhere to anything remotely resembling capitalism.

Farker Says: "lets do away

Farker Says: "lets do away with the IRS... and private security as well!"

And melvin lacks any

And melvin lacks any semblance of reading comprehension.

So you resort to insults

So you resort to insults when your nutty liberal ideas cannot convince the sea of conservatives that surround you? Nice. That's way too typical of people of your ilk.

LOL, I just saw this

LOL, I just saw this comment. My "nutty liberal ideas?" What is even remotely liberal about my posts?

As for convincing, I'm fairly certain that in a debate, public or private, I'd easily win with the booting/towing issue. And I'm pretty sure you realize that. It only continues in Provo (and other college towns) because the student population has almost no representation among those who govern.

Truth stands, buddy, and your insistence that your employment is honest hurts you more than it does me.


The methods of University Parking Enforcement are unethical. From what I understand their employees are paid by commission and have no reason to look out for the people they boot. Provo does have a parking shortage,and University Parking does in fact make a business of it. The appeals process is a joke, and is handled by people who don't have the victims interest at heart. You can't talk to the owner to complain about business practices, and the fees they charge are totally unrepresentative of actual parking costs. There are seemingly very few checks which govern the company, and in the world of business this leads to a system of abusing the unfortunate. Don't get me wrong, I love capitalism, but believe it or not, sometimes businesses aren't responsible with how they act, and this, though minor, is another example of unfair business practices.

That's kind of funny - you

That's kind of funny - you actually think it's a parking enforcers job to look out for those that violate the rules? When is it ever someones responsibility to look out for a complete stranger? When it comes to parking enforcement, that's the driver's job - to look out for him/herself. And if there is to be anyone looking out for another, it should be their landlord or friends they visit. Wouldn't that make more sense? They get booted because their friends failed to look out for them (mostly by not reading their signed contract, which talks about parking enforcement) and they failed to look out for themselves. Then they think it's someone else's fault that their actions resulted in a boot or tow.

Driving is a privilege and results in consequences for those unwilling or unable to realize that the property they park on is not their own. There would be no 'evil' parking enforcement companies in Provo if people were more prudent instead of careless and reckless. That carelessness is perpetuated by the thought that it's the parking enforcement company's fault, not the violator's. My solution: put them out of business by not creating parking violations. Viola.

Shifting Blame

There would be no 'evil' parking enforcement companies in Provo if people were more prudent instead of careless and reckless.

Actually, there would be no parking enforcement companies in Provo if Provo had adequate parking. Your reasoning is consistent with other criminals who justify their behaviors by trying to find someone "more guilty." You can gun your engine and speed up in order to kill a jaywalker that's illegally crossing the road you're legally driving on, but the jaywalker's crime does not absolve you of yours.

Plain and simple, it's a dirty industry.

UPE and it's practices

Melvin, Provo has too much housing, I think we can all agree there. But I hope you can see the frustration of the "whiny students" for having to live in a city which lacks the public infrastructure to accommodate its residents. At the same time, I see the "plight" of UPE. They are in it to make money, of course they are, they are a business. So UPE enforces a college town where parking has been inadequate for decades. As businesses have a tendency of doing, they will profit from the unfortunate circumstances which will inevitably arise in a bustling college town that lacks adequate parking. Yet, the most frustrating aspect of this dilemma is the manner in which these "whiny students" are treated.

Without referring to you personally Melvin, because we don't want to make this too personal, I have felt that there is an attitude held by many employees, particularly UPE employees, which is at times condescending and/or close-minded.

Let me give you some anecdotal evidence.

The first example is in this very forum; let's call it the "Del Taco incident." Someone complains about a blatantly obvious mistake by a UPE employee as a result of a this employees poor assumption and illegal practices. The frustration behind the post is then validated and justified with great zeal which in turn heats up emotions, generalizing issues, and becoming personal. The condescension and close-mindedness is evidenced by, and I'm really not trying to judge you Melvin, some of your remarks, and I quote:

[...]It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it is in the best interest of a parking enforcement business to be honest and integrable in order to keep property managers happy (and NOT the whiny students)[...]

*As a side note, integrable isn't a word, I think you meant integral

The second incident was my own. It was Christmas break and I was living at Alta Apartments, which only allows booting. On this fateful eve, I found myself haggling with a car salesmen over a manual car. I hate making rash decisions, but it was such a good deal and there were other interested buyers so I bought it. The funny thing is that I didn't know how to drive stick.

My apartment parking lot is very large and was empty because of the holidays. I thought about parking on the city streets but my car was uninsured and my insurance agency was closed for the day; I also paid for parking every month.

I couldn't drive a manual car though so I was forced to wait at the car dealership until 11:30pm for my cousin to get off his night shift and help me out. Sigh, alas I had my car safely in my paid for Alta parking lot but I didn't have a parking sticker. So with great audacity I rang the doorbell of the emergency-only tenants but they didn't wake. In the end I didn't get my sticker, I awoke to a booted car, and I was late for work waiting in the cold for an hour to get the boot off.

I went to the UPE offices to appeal the boot and talked to my apartment manager about the incident. She called UPE and spoke with their receptionist about the incident informing them I'd be making my appeal and that I was a tenant at Alta which paid for parking. I turned in my appeal forms and received a letter saying that I would receive 0$ reimbursement because I didn't properly fill out my appeals form. I had apparently overlooked the letter from my apartment manager stating that I was a tenant at Alta... Sigh, you'd think a personal phone call from my manager, and the managers contact information on both the letter and my appeal forms would be sufficient, but apparently not.

They didn't return my receipt or forms so I couldn't make a second appeal. When talking to the UPE employees I received the following remarks, "How was I supposed to know you bought the car the night before?," "I'm just doing my job," and "go talk to your apartment manager if you don't like our policies." In a non-confrontational voice I told the UPE employee that my temporary plates had the registration date of the car printed in big bold letters. He then followed that by, "I'm just doing my job, you were the one parked illegally." The irony of it all is that I wasn't parked illegally, I just didn't have idiot-proof evidence of that fact due to circumstances. Without regard to my situation, UPE made no concessions.

I know booting and towing are reputable, and justifiable business practices but the manner in which UPE carries out its business is beyond a mere lust for mammon, it's actually designed to take advantage of the misfortune of others while making it as difficult as possible for someone to plead their case. I hope everyone else has had better experiences with UPE. Melvin, if you are in the business of booting and towing, I hope you are one of the awesome employees that realizes life isn't black and white, and booting/towing practices should be designed to make a business a responsible contributor to society. In my experience these kinds of employees will take the time to see who they are booting, treat others decently, and actually do something about truly unfortunate cases.

I appreciate the calm and

I appreciate the calm and reasonable manner in which you approached your post. It's regrettable that you got slammed with something like that, especially when student budgets are limiting.

Unfortunately most people don't realize (as was my case when I was booted once upon a time) that Provo parking enforcement companies run 24/7 and can be reached pretty easily at any hour. The phone number is posted on the signs at the entrances to all enforced properties. I wonder if they would have been helpful or reasonable had they been notified before doing their nightly ritual of enforcing the parking lot.

Sorry for the added expense. As a former parking enforcer, please understand that they deal with a lot of crap/upset/unreasonable/sometimes violent people. It gets old real quick, so they have to put on a hard mask and treat all "customers" in the same way (which can seem a bit curt). You sound like a nice person. Hopefully if there's a future problem the phone call thing will work out. I wish we all could be as mature about this as you seem to have been. Happy new year.

And there's no need for any

And there's no need for any oversight because parking enforcement officials are always reasonable, demonstrate integrity, and have no financial incentive to do anything questionable. Plus we all can agree that UPE's appeal system, run by UPE, would only be objective in evaluating circumstances that might have called for the crime of parking in an empty lot over a holiday break without a sticker.

I guess Farker's New Year's

I guess Farker's New Year's hangovers last well into the new year. Hate to burst your bubble, but Monday the 3rd no longer was the holiday anything. Then again, you obviously don't understand the difference between something civil and criminal.

On another note, I'd be glad to have the private property rights laws changed. That way I can park in your driveway or on your lawn and you cannot do anything about it.

melvin, aka Michael, let me

melvin, aka Michael, let me ask you a serious question:

Are you really that stupid?

After all the discussion we've had, after all the points I've made to your poor arguments, after all the acknowledging you've done, and after all this hashing, do you really want to oversimplify everything into parking laws?

You're like this annoying teenager who nitpicks and tries to create irrelevant points to justify your unbelievably ridiculous beliefs. Monday the 3rd no longer was the holiday anything. Give me a freaking break. Even if there were some credibility to that statement, which there isn't, and you know it, what difference does it make? This guy didn't do anything wrong! He followed the asinine policies as best he could and you and your slimy cohorts profit because Provo lacks adequate parking and he couldn't find any help when he needed it, though he exhausted all avenues he had. What's your suggestion? That he should have parked in a different town? That you needed to boot/tow his car to free up more space for all the people that weren't coming?

You want to bring up this hypothetical impossibility of parking on my driveway or lawn. Would you please grow up? Is anyone parking in someone else's lawn or driveway? And do you think that if that were to happen, that the victim's first thought would be, "hey look, a car on my lawn! I wonder how I can profit from this..."?

I want you to know, melvin, that I've cost UPE thousands of dollars. Thousands. And I plan on continuing to cost this "business" money. In the meantime, I'd like readers to refer to this comment that explains the process of removing boots from cars.

Some people, like melvin here, don't grasp concepts of right and wrong. If you play by their rules, you will lose. Let me state that unequivocally: you cannot win by following UPE's policies. They aren't interested in circumstances. They don't care that you don't have a legitimate place to park. They certainly aren't concerned with your emergency, and they will not, under any circumstances short of litigation, offer you any sort of mercy or assistance.

Stop thinking you can reason with unreasonable people, and stop thinking you can win by playing by their rules or through the legal system. If/when you get booted, you're on your own, and you should right now get over any hesitation you have about being nice to the sniveling jackasses that patrol Provo's parking lots.

It's laughable that you

It's laughable that you purport to know something of right and wrong yet encourage clearly illegal activity. Say what you will about parking enforcement, but when it comes right down to it, your actions and what you encourage is illegal. It isn't tolerated or welcome in our society or the Mormon culture you have claimed to be a part of in previous posts.

There are many people that have benefited from UPE policies, just not those like you that will say or do literally anything to avoid the consequences of your actions. Just as with anything else, though, you rarely hear from those who are satisfied. That's human nature. Customer comment boxes you see at retailers are full of complaints 99% of the time. When we get our way we don't go out of our way to make that known.

And it wouldn't take you much for you to figure out the suggestion for someone in a bind. As I already stated, a simple phone call could have done it. Then again, did I really expect you to read the original post? And yes, the holiday's are over by the 3rd for sure... unless we're now extending them to MLK day?

On another note, you're way too confident about who you think I am, which again shows your ignorance and lack of credibility. I'd love for you to take another stab at it though.

Please don't expect another response, but I do look forward to your next prediction.

Morality is not synonymous

Morality is not synonymous with legality, melvin. We've been over that.

I've also never been booted, melvin. We've been over that. Repeatedly.

I see the trend. You don't pay attention, you can't reason, you're irrational, and your entire life/income is built on the unbelievable excuse, "well, don't park where you shouldn't."

Once again, everyone, please refer to this post from a couple years ago that will help you deal with booted cars. Please share the info. I will see if I can get around to a video or photo tutorial in the near future. But I think my written explanation will suffice.

There's nothing wrong with parking your car (particularly those of you who are parked in the apartment complex you live at but get booted for one of UPE's many asinine policies), don't let the big stickers intimidate you. Trust me on this, if you follow my instructions, you will not get caught, and you will not be supporting a lucrative, evil, predatory industry.

Boot Removal Proof

Here's a picture demonstrating that boots can in fact be removed.

I got towed last night for

I got towed last night for parking in a bank parking lot on university ave at 10:30pm. I wish we had more gang violence in provo because nobody does anything about the injustice of parking enforcement. At least that way if they booted or towed some gangbangers car, the parking enforcer would get a much deserved beat down.

It's an injustice for you to

It's an injustice for you to think it's okay to park on someone else's private property. I'll call that the injustice of failing to respect private property rights.

Way to go Farker!

Brilliant take on the situation Farker! Absolutely brilliant! I couldn't have said it better!

Dear Future Dentist,

Really, most people in Utah valley are conservative, and you somehow think that if we understood your conservative way of view we would see how towers/booters are good? This is just foolish. And I fear for your happiness.

If you think, self-interest and capitalism equal society functioning optimally: you are wrong. It is a very dark view of real life. I just feel bad for you. I don't know what to say. Have a good life as an unethical dentist. I'm glad there are other dentists out there who don't view the world like you.

Man just reading the sentence "please understand that when I'm a denist you betcha i'll charge the going rate of $2,000 for an implant even though my expenses will be much less than $500" just makes me scared.

LAUGHABLE! I am literally

LAUGHABLE! I am literally speechless. Just to understand you perfectly well, you think anyone out to make a profit is unethical? WOW. Looks like Ford and GM are doing exactly what you want for the rest of America.

Well, in order to avoid being a hypocrite you'd have to essentially work for free or earn an abysmal wage. Good luck with that. And any type of government job would make you a hypocrite because we all know how inefficient those are.

If everyone in America had your same viewpoint we'd be a communistic society. And communism isn't bad unless there was absolutely zero dishonesty or laziness. With dishonesty it's terrible and functions just like you see Cuba and Venezuela functioning. There is plenty of dishonesty and laziness in America.

I admire your tenacity for trying to shove a different type of government down everyone's throat. But I'm going to have to say "no thanks" to your crazy ideas and settle for what the founding fathers gave me.

Hopefully you've read far enough to get to this point. Because I never said that a capitalism would see good in a booter. They simply would understand. Hey, I've been towed and booted before. I wasn't happy paying money, but at least I understood. Understanding doesn't mean agreeing or believing towing/booting is good. It simply means that we can see WHY it happened and get past the false victimized feelings. It means those that get booted/towed can see that the world doesn't revolve around them. 2+2 is not 5, farker.

In the spirit of doing

In the spirit of doing things protected by law, I'm going to provide a detailed explanation of how to rid a vehicle of a boot. Freedom of speech.

Method 1. Look at how the boot is affixed. If, with the boot attached, you can unscrew all the lug nuts, do it. Remove the tire completely. Once you have the tire off, put the spare tire on and move your car to a place where the offending booting company has no jurisdiction, i.e. outside of the protected parking lot. With the booted tire free from the vehicle, deflate the tire completely... don't just let it go flat, force the air out. With the air all out, and a little exertion, you should be able to manipulate the boot over the tire and off the wheel completely. I've witnessed this done repeatedly. It does take some effort but can be done. Once the boot is removed, it is your discretion what you do with it. Whatever you do, remove the identification. Wipe it down to remove all fingerprints, which will protect identification of the booter as well as those handling it in the meantime. In my Provo days, the boots had stickers affixed numbering them. Get rid of those. You should be able to peel them off, but if not, torch them or grind them off. The idea is to remove all evidence of a link between that particular boot and your particular vehicle. I recommend throwing it away. That will cost booting companies around $200, or as I like to think of it, just over 3 ten minute jobs.

Method 2. Acquire a cordless Dremel, available at WalMart and most hardware stores for about fifty dollars. Get one of those small plastic cylinders full of grinding discs, and make sure you wear eye protection (sunglasses usually work). At the point where the boot "grabs" onto your car, cut the arm(s) off. These boots are made of tempered steel, so don't even bother with lesser tools like bolt cutters, pliers, etc. The other tool that will work (and faster) is an angle grinder, but they are loud, they don't really come in cordless models, and they make a fountain of sparks that will get everyone's attention.

Method 3. (Only works in cases where boots are not at all legitimate, such as when UPE supplied stickers fall off windows, or no-parking lines are covered with snow, etc, or when you as a tenant get booted for any other reason because hey, you live there, you should be able to park there, regardless of retarded rules parroted by booters). Threaten the landlord/manager. You don't have to be nasty about it. Just go into the office and say, "My car has been booted. I'm entirely uninterested in what the contract says, or what you have to say, about having a sticker or notifying management. The boot comes off the car, and not at my expense, or you don't get any more rent from me." Don't negotiate. Don't give in. And follow through. They can make all sorts of legal threats, but here's the bottom line: they're going to rather pay (or in most cases, talk to the booter) for the boot removal rather than risk losing several hundred dollars within a month and the headaches associated with eviction and dealing with it. As a manager, I can tell you this would be effective. Stand your ground! Call the Daily Universe. Publicize this to everyone. Don't lose control of your temper and don't fabricate anything, just tell it how it is. The truth stands, and the truth is that booters sneak around making their money by enforcing the rules with no discretion and no oversight. If it comes down to it, get a lawyer. It'd be worth the fight.

There are other forms of civil disobedience here. I'm thinking a simple can of spray paint covering the warning signs at each entrance. Or the removal of such signs entirely. UPE advertises "complementary" services if I remember. Abuse them. Call them out there five times a day to help you with your minor problems.

Now of course I wouldn't suggest anyone actually breaks the law, but if you were going to write a fiction book about this, these are my thoughts.

If you ever get booted I

If you ever get booted I know what you'll be doing. It's a sad day when someone blatantly breaks laws, even if you don't agree with it.

If everyone were like Farker, Anarchy would rule. Quite frankly, you're ideas are very scary and un-American. Not quite what I'd expect from someone whose religion demands respect for and obedience to the laws of the land. And yes, I'm assuming you're Mormon. What non-Mormon would willingly live in Utah County and then Rexburg?

That's a new low... even for Farker's standards!

Well see, you probably also

Well see, you probably also think of George Washington as a traitor. And Rosa Parks was a lawbreaker. The passengers on flight 93 that jumped the terrorists were unruly. And anyone who questions authority as problematic. Your problem, melvin, is that you are a Pharisee. You concern yourself with how many steps people take on the Sabbath and whether Jesus associates with the wicked. You don't understand what principles are. Such as order, structure, and the rule of law. Those things are all designed for the good of society. Your profession, on the other hand, is one based on rule-enforcement for hire. A system set up to maximize profits by disregarding decency, good judgment, understanding, and oversight.

Anarchy is bad. But I'd take anarchy any day over some the pseudo-authority Orwellian civilization you espouse.

I wouldn't consider a

I wouldn't consider a part-time parking enforcement job while attending school full-time any more of a profession than working as a TA is. More of a job than a profession. Once I get extended schooling and then training for a job as a financial consultant, then I'd consider it a profession and a job. There is hardly a student that has a profession while going to college. They attend college to learn the basics so they can obtain a profession and career later on in life. The definition of "profession" agrees with my analysis of it.