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Congressional Approval Ratings hit record lows

Congressional Approval has hit single digits.

Rasmussen reports

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In the meantime, discuss.

They're doing it on purpose.

They're doing it on purpose. The worse shape the country is in come election time the greater the liklikhood a Democrat will be elected for president.

America liberals can be proud of

A ruined America is a country liberals can finally be proud of. They seem to think we deserve it anyway. I seem to remember the GOP taking a hit in the 90's for cutting back on government paid school lunches for middle class kids-starving the children so it was labeled. Now due to a lousy energy policy and a servile GOP starving the nation's kids en masse with higher living expenses (power, groceries, fuel) and a recession seems like the just thing to do for liberals. Dems must be worried the kids are borderline obesity risks.

This comment begins and ends

This comment begins and ends with the exact kind of idiocy that the righteous red conservatives seem to have embraced. It sounds just like something Limbaugh or Hannity would spew out, and lacks almost any semblance of reality.

This comment makes no real argument

This is hateful giberish. Liberals are people too. They have house payments, and jobs, and cars and when the economy gets hit hard they feel it too. It makes no sense to say that liberals want a bad economy. I won't even comment on the rest because it makes no logical sense.