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30 Days episode about same sex parenting

Did anyone else catch this episode of 30 Days?

Same Sex Parenting: 30 Days

Its about an LDS woman who goes to live with two gay men and their four adopted children for a month.

It would be a tough position for any person with beliefs against homosexual marriage to be in, but I think this woman should have really used more tact and thought in the way she approached the situation. Its not like she didn't know what was coming at her, but she still seemed to not have thought about how to respectfully disagree with other's lifestyles.


i agree

i agree - but at the same time she would have been better just not doing it.

In many ways she has put herself in the position as a spokesman for the church. I only saw the first 20 minutes of the show, but enough to see that she was against a tough crowd.

Ever tried to discuss salvation with an extreme southern baptist...same problem. Why even try to argue in the first place, you're never going to convince them, nor are they going to convince you.

both parties feel too strongly about their stance.



herein lies one of the biggest problems LDS people face: how do we discuss a topic when we are using completely different language? we are approaching the situation from a God-centered paradigm, and those who we are discussing same-sex marriage with are approaching it from a secular paradigm. we believe that God ordains marriage only between a man and a woman, but is there any way we can discuss it in completely secular terms in order to make a cogent argument in the political arena? if not, i'm afraid we are going to be on the losing side of this one. God-centered arguments are not going to get us far in a crowd of christians, muslims, buddhists, hindus, agnostics, and atheists.

i don't dispute that

we are certainly using different language. many people believe mormons worship a separate god than they do.

this really is a key problem this woman faced. she can't come across with a compelling argument because others simply won't see her reasoning. they think on completely different terms.

this is why as most RM's found as missionaries the need to "teach by the spirit." without it the message isn't understood clearly. most of us have studied communication models (i did alot in my major) most of which incorporate some sort of noise into the equation. in this case it's a lack of full understanding (on top of many other things).

bottom line: she was walking into a den of lions and had few options.

again, I don't know how the show played out. So maybe she convinced them somehow. But just watching the first few minutes of the show reminded me of tracting into Baptist ministers who NEVER going to be convinced, let alone converted. we just weren't speaking the same language as you said.

Thanks for the link. I heard

Thanks for the link. I heard about this but didn't get a chance to see it when it was on. I happen to disagree with the woman vis-a-vis gay adoptions and the way she articulated her objections to it (and I was grateful that the producers went out of their way to provide some much needed balance on this point), but I actually thought she was very tactful and did a good job given her unfamiliarity with the issue and the hostile circumstances, basically ending up with a love-the-sinner-hate-the-sin point of view. On the other hand, all of the gay people were quite inflexible in their views, and couldn't fathom how anybody could possibly think otherwise, and it ends with one of the gay parents saying he couldn't be friends with her if she thought that way. And thus we see why this has basically turned into a conversation about negotiating disagreement. If you want someone to understand why you oppose gay adoptions, you probably shouldn't describe their behavior as a sin. On the other hand if you want someone to support gay adoptions, you probably should not invite the white-trash biological parents of the foster kids to brow-beat them over smores around a campfire.