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Motorcycle Insurance

Have you ever wanted something really badly... but felt too guilty to act.

For years I have been tempted to buy a motorcycle. I admit, I love motorcycles, both sport bikes and some cruisers. There is something subtly beautiful in motorcycles... you should see the new sleek Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

Now here is the problem! I always talk myself out of buying one.

First, they are dangerous (or at least more than a car). But, if you are careful, mature, and a skilled rider, you can reduce the risks somewhat.

Second, in Utah a bike is half useless. A winter ride may very well be your last ride. Yet, despite the half-a-year value, the serene mountain roads with summer vistas add some bonus points.

So, as you can see I am wandering in the middle of the road on this decision. I always get to this point and then realize there is one more thing. And it tips the balance...

I already own a car and pay car insurance. I don't want to buy a motorcycle and start having to pay motorcycle insurance too. After all, it would just be an amazingly cool, really awesome, toy... that costs money every month.

Or maybe not anymore? Gas mileage for a motorcycle is probably going to be around 35 MPG - 60 MPG. My car gets only around 26 MPG.

So maybe there is a compromise? Kawasaki makes a 250cc Ninja that packs a fairly good punch. Brand new it costs $3,500. I bet it gets around 60 MPG...

So...can it be done? Could it actually be a wise investment for a student, or anyone? Despite added motorcycle insurance and a $3,500 cost, is it a good move to buy a motorcycle right now? If it is, then why haven't we seen a massive influx in new riders? Your advice please?

Get a bike. Insure it for

Get a bike. Insure it for the six months of the year you use it.

I'd be a lot less concerned about how I drive than all the other idiot drivers around me. As far as other drivers go, Utah's got to be one of the worst places to put your life at the mercy of the common sense of the common Utah driver. So good luck with that one.

Get a Scooter

It's good advice from Farker. Be careful man, if you get a bike watch out for other drivers here in Utah. As far as the motorcycle insurance is concerned, I don't think it is that much. Besides, if gas prices keep going the way they are going, a motorcycle would be nice.

Also consider looking at scooters. I know they're nothing near a motorcycle. But hey, they get way better gas mileage. Scooters get 80 MPG+. And I would be willing to bet money that scooter insurance is going to be be less than any motorcycle insurance quotes you could possibly find. Scooters are a little cheaper to buy. A low end scooter is about $2,000 from the dealer. You can get much cheaper if used.

Go to BYU campus. Go to the Wilkinson Center. They have board with vehicles and stuff for sale. Check it out. Sometimes you get lucky and find a nice deal. Maybe UVU has similar.

if you are going for safety - stay clear of the scooter

I've owned 2 motorcycles and one scooter. I got rid of the scooter for 3 reasons:

1) I was a sitting duck. Way to vulnerable. There is no pickup power, and your CG in a funny spot (your legs on kept inside rather than on the side like a motorcycle).

2) They are way too slow. You have limited use, and again not enough pickup to get OUT of a bad situation.

3) Insurance can actually be HIGHER than motorcycles (sometimes). Whats the reason? I don't know really, but I've seen it happen. My guess is that most people get a scooter with no riding experience, and so premiums get higher. This of course depends on the driver.

But insurance on a bike is cheap. You're looking at $10-30 p/mo depending on the bike and whether you took the training class and hold a real license.

I rode mine all through this past year. Even in the winter (way too cold). I did NOT ride when snow was on the ground, that'd be dumb.

Just be safe, and always be the defensive driver. Too many bike riders are too aggressive. They are bound to get waisted one day. Obey the law, and keep your eyes moving. I've been riding for several years and have never dropped a bike or gotten in a wreck.

Be safe!

Oh, it will be a motorcycle

Yeah, I am not going to get a scooter for many reasons, including the ones that you have listed. I would rather just keep driving my car than buy a scooter. Buying a scooter would ignore my entire goal of owning a motorcycle. Furthermore, if we put Utah motorcycle insurance against Utah scooter insurance, I don't really think the difference is going to be big, for good or for bad...

A bike it is...if anything.


I had a scooter my entire time at BYU. It was great to have and easy to park. I very rarely felt like a sitting duck, but you do have to keep your eyes open. To be honest I actually felt safer on my scooter than I did in a car, because my scooter is in the middle of the lane so there's a few feet of fudge room all around you for those people who like to just change lanes at random times.

I can appreciate wanting a motorcycle with a little more power since most scooters don't have the same pick up if needed. Plus, a scooter to even orem isn't the most fun thing ever. Although, I did often take my scooter to Pleasant Grove to go dancing.

Insurance is cheap on a scooter, since there's very little value that needs to be replaced if something happens. I imagine it's similar for motorcycles. Only cost me I think $98 a year for a scooter insurance.

One thing to note whether it's a scooter or a motorcycle is to be really careful at the south of campus where Mama's Cafe use to be and by the KMB. There's that T intersection right there that can cause problems if you're not careful. How do I know? I'd just worked an all night shift and it was 6AM as I was riding my scooter home. I turned the corner at the T intersection and my scooter just went out from under me. I slid across the pavement, but when I stood up my whole arm, and pants were covered in black. That corner was basically a big oil slick.

I thought that I must have just been tired and took the corner a little sharp, but the very next day I was going through that same intersection and there was a guy who had done the exact same thing with his motorcycle and was covered in black like me. Fair warning.

Motorcycle Accidents

Thanks for the advice. When, and if, I get my motorcycle I will definitely try to be careful. I am very aware of the dangers of careless motorcycle driving. One of my friend's good buddies was in a rather serious wreck that severely damaged him. A motorcycle accident is often far worse than a car accident.

I think you show a great point. Even if you are driving carefully, sometimes you still get caught off guard, for example by oil.

It's true that insurance for motorcycles is cheap. With gas prices the way they are, it makes a bike seem better and better.

It would take forever to

It would take forever to make up on improved gas mileage what it costs to buy, maintain, and insure high ticket items like a Ninja (or a Prius, or a natural gas car, etc), so that's why you haven't seen people going that direction en masse. So you shouldn't think of it as an investment; you're right to think of it as a really expensive toy.

So if you want to convince yourself to buy one, you should think in terms of cost per use. Would you really go riding that much to justify a $3500 toy? Or would you regret spending that much thinking of all the other things you could have done with that money?

If you want to convince yourself against buying one, just volunteer in the local ER for a little while. Doctors and nurses call them "donor-cycles" for a reason.