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Who will be John McCain's Vice President?

McCain's VP

Who will be John McCain's Vice President? Will he go with someone that has power in a key swing state or will he choose a popular name (Romney and Huckabee). Whatever happens, I think he needs to choose someone young, with economic experience, and that is a good public speaker. What do you think will happen?

Palin for VP

Elected official with the highest approval rating since they started keeping track of such things.
She's the governor of Alaska, which will lend McCain some executive experience.

My other pref would be Bobby Jindahl, governor of Louisiana, an Indian-American Republican/libertarian. Guy's awesome.

If McCain picks Huckabee, I'll vote for Bob Barr.

Hopefully it won't matter

I really hope that McCain isn't elected.

Not Obama?

I don't really like John McCain much either. But, honestly, who else is a better pick right now? Not Senator Obama?

I like Obama. I'll try to

I like Obama.

I'll try to get around to stating my position later. Here my semesters overlap a couple weeks (thanks, Geniuses in the scheduling office) so I'm kind of busy.

Hey youngster

Obama is popular with young people because they generally don't really study or know politics, or human nature. Hype is what gets them to vote.

Between classes study Obama and find out what he really stands for, and then study Sarah Palin, a woman who is a textbook case of real leadership.

Oops! Trick question, since nobody will ever know what he means by change. He is simply another dude trying to get elected saying anything and having NO convictions or integrity.

Much of this I suspect is due to him not having healthy male influences in his life. Who knows?

All he does is pander every day and seem less an less of a man or leader. My sister the lib. notices now and thinks he is just unmanly and immature.

Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, has 10 times the leadership skills and cajones than Obama.

Frankly, if McCain picks Palin, I'm voting for the man's woman, not the child candidate.

Obama is the "Hollow Man": rudderless, overly-defensive, flip-flopping, confusing, tired, gaunt, sorry excuse of a man.

We all know who wears the pants in his family.

I take issue with a few

I take issue with a few things.

The first is your anonymity. Afraid to take a stand?

The second is the premise that the wise, the educated, the enlightened... don't vote for Obama. That's seemed to be a running theme for the Grand Old Party (the really smart people vote Republican); while statistically, by class, those who are more educated tend to vote blue. While I haven't looked at the demographics of the ongoing election, I would imagine the breakdown would be similar to past elections.

The third is your apparent support for McCain, based on the possibility that Palin may become his running mate. Even if that pans out, the VP is barely a supportive role. As VP Garner (who?) once said, the office of vice president is "not worth a bucket of warm piss." Even McCain stated, "Look, I would be very careful that everybody understood that there's only one president." I actually really like Palin, and would probably support her if she ran for president. And hey, maybe McCain won't make it that long, so that's a thought worth entertaining.

So on to Obama. The glaring difference between him and McCain is Iraq. It's time to get out, and McCain doesn't have any problem with staying there as long as it takes, whatever that means. Obama wants out, and rightly so. Iraq isn't our problem. Whatever the US is at fault for doing, it isn't the myriad of problems still in existence now, five years after the initial invasion. For a man in the minority who voted against the war to begin with, I'd hardly classify him as "rudderless."

I like Obama's co-development of, a site that ensures (at least some) transparency in how the government is wasting away taxpayer funds. I like his general stance against wasteful spending and accountability.

I like that Obama has raised record-breaking funds from individuals, as opposed to special interest groups. That in and of itself is telling.

I like that Obama can articulate his positions, rather than use embarassing statements like McCain's responses to Ellen on the issue of gay marriage (available on youtube). Hey, if you don't like gay marriage, that's fine, but at least have a better reason than, "I just believe in the unique status of marriage between man and woman." What about the unique status of blacks as slaves, or women as non-voters?

I like that Obama has been faithful to his wife, a pivotal issue for the so-called values of the RNC who spend fortunes investigating Clinton, but now ignore McCain's (past?) infidelities with his wife. If you don't honor a marriage, will you honor a presidential vow?

I like Obama's background, especially as compared to McCain. That he went to Occidental College, then to Columbia, then on to Harvard. Born to nobodies. Excelled in school, went on to earn his JD and teach constitutional law. Compare that to McCain, born into a fairly prominent family, enrolled in a private prep school (tuition now runs $38k/yr), graduated at Annapolis 894th (of 899) in his class, and then into the military. Yes, he served well, and yes, he was a POW. All said, it seems to me that Obama's background resonates more with the successful "Average American" if there is such thing. It certainly does with me.

So while this is certainly not comprehensive, it's some of the reasons I like Obama. And frankly, posts like yours are some of the reasons I shy away from most things "conservative." This attitude of "you can't know what's best for this country as well as I can," is one I'm getting a little tired of.

That said, I don't see McCain as incapable. I just like McCain better.

Obama & Special Interests

Like the rest of the Democratic party for the last two decades, Obama is beholden to one very special-interest group: lawyers.

See this article:

I don't disagree with a lot of what you said, I just draw different conclusions from the facts at hand. Until the Democratic Party gets away from their lockstep with soul-sucking lawyers (my apologies for the redundancy), most folks running on the Democrat ticket have a very slim chance of getting my vote.

I do disagree with a lot of

I do disagree with a lot of what you said. Since Obama secured the nomination he has been spinning like a top on his way to the political center he has sold-out just about every ideal that was supposed to make him different from every other politican. Iraq and public financing being the two big ones.

Which reminds me-- I haven't seen provojoe around here much since our last discussion about political flip-flopping. Maybe he choked on a piece of crow.

I just like McCain

I just like McCain better.

That's supposed to be Obama.

I was in a hurry.

Obama and rap music

I just read an article on Yahoo News about Obama being on the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine. I'm not sure what to think about an endorsement by the Rolling Stones. Anyway, here was an interesting part of the article (and I tried to take the full part in context). It seemed like he was saying he supported and didn't support rap music at the same time... is that possible?

Asked what he thought of rap, Obama said the genre has broken down barriers within the music world, though he's concerned about his daughters — Malia, 9, and Sasha, 7 — listening to it.

"I am troubled sometimes by the misogyny and materialism of a lot of rap lyrics," he said, "but I think the genius of the art form has shifted the culture and helped to desegregate music."

He said hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and rappers Jay-Z and Ludacris were "great talents and great businessmen."

"It would be nice if I could have my daughters listen to their music without me worrying that they were getting bad images of themselves," he added.

am i the only one who

am i the only one who doesn't understand this comment? like, i have read it over twice, but... huh?!

sounds to me like he

sounds to me like he dislikes rap for the right reasons, and likes it for reasons that aren't objectionable. :)

A new generation of voters

I agree Bismark, this comment is a little odd for my poll about McCain's VP. However, the comment is interesting and got me thinking. Obama being in magazines like the Rolling Stones shows how popular he is becoming with younger crowds. He can fill stadiums every time he speaks. He is becoming some what of a celebrity.

I just heard on the news that he is focusing his efforts on younger evangelicals. I think McCain is going to have trouble grabbing the attention of the younger generations. Perhaps that is something that his VP can help to do.

Palin is the best choice - no doubt


What is all this talk about Obama ?

According to the most recent poll's Mitt Romney a true man of intergerity leads as McCain's running mate> I find it interesting that the media is playing up everyone but him, I guess it is probably because he has honestly accomplished a lot for a man his age. I dont think his religion should matter JFK was a catholic what is the differance? McCain Romney ticket would be hard to beat.Let's make this about the truth and not just image it's americas election .Vote for a true american team. Ironic I find the differance between Osama and Obama one letter differant! A conservative in Idaho