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Kirby Heyborne, The Best Two Years and Miller Light's Favorite Star

I don't know how many of you have recently seen the new Miller Light commercial where Kirby Heyborne and another guy are listening through the cement to calculate the distance to the next beer party.

I was quite shocked when I first saw it. For those that don't know Kirby Heyborne starred in the Best Two Years. First he's this great role model in the Best Two Years and then he's representing Miller light.

However after reading an article on him, I think I understand why he did it. He needed the money. Who are we to judge, yes it makes him seem a bit less sincere in movies but hey everyone has got to pay the bills.

Although I am curious to see if he'll ever be able to land anymore Mormon roles again.

Let me know what you guys think of it, if you want to read the article, I saw it here:


and here i thought we were

and here i thought we were going to be immune on here from the most pointless story to come into the world of uptight mormons so far this year...

some people live their religion

if your mormon that means something. at least it did when I joined.
maybe for some it doesn't stand for anything. It's too "uptight" for them i guess.

good, i am glad it means

good, i am glad it means something to you, it means something to me too. but with war, famine, natural disasters, and poverty all spreading across the world, worrying about an actor's choice of roles is the last thing we should be worrying about [cue someone with a line about how mormons choosing evil acting roles is also a sign of the times in 5, 4, 3...]. i was really sad to see this on the front cover of the daily universe a few days ago.

Joining his comrade

I guess he and Heder can get together and talk about Blades of Glory over a Miller now.