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BYU...When Were You/Are You There

Per an earlier post a fellow made regarding walking passed the hole in the ground where DT was, I suddenly became curious where those who visit here are now and when you were at the Y.

Myself I started at BYU winter term 1985 and graduated in 1988. I was a transfer student from the University of Michigan and did two additional terms in the summer and one in the spring (my favorite time to be in Provo, by the way). I currently split my time between Marina Del Rey, CA and Manhattan, NY.

I am always interested in hearing about folks experiences at the Y and living in Provo, in general. Last summer I found my old daily journals and began transferring the handwritten scribble into MS word on my laptop with the intention of creating an online bog, as it were, of my time at the Y. It's taken me a year thus far to complete 400 pages, which covers only about two years.

Anyway, I'd like to know when you all were there, if that's not too personal. Maybe I'll bump into someone who remembers me.

By the by, here is an interesting link to viewing campus (in quad stream) live. It's fun.



BYU webcam is awsome

Hey Rhodes1,

I like your question, it should bring up some interesting answers. I am currently attending BYU and still have 2 years here. I live north of campus and walk past the construction site where DT used to be everyday.

Like yourself, I am making some awesome memories here. I feel like I should be doing a better job writing a journal, but I haven't. Your blog should be very interesting when it is finally finished. I'm curious about how much the Y has changed.

How did you ever find out about that link to the BYU web cameras? It is really cool!

Changed a lot and not so much

Is the Morris Center gone now as well or just the towers? Must be strange to walk by there and not see the towers any longer. It's really important to keep a daily journal. It's something I learned from fellow members and one of my courses at the Y. I read back about daily life in the 80's and feel very blessed that I wrote a page or so a day. I wish I had written more. Too many memories get lost when you don't write them down.

The campus and Provo has changed a great deal and also not so much at all in twenty years. Some of my teachers are still there, in fact my religion prof is now chair of the ancient scripture department and we trade e-mails all the time. The campus has changed a bit, but old campus has not changed at all. I am not sure how I feel about the lack of grass outside of the renovated library but that is just me. The inside of the Wilk is much different, but to me the biggest change is there are no night clubs for students to go dancing at any longer. Church dances can be fun, but in the 80's there were three nightclubs and a very nice lounge in Provo. They were all non-alcoholic clubs, just a place to dance and be social and now there are none.

The Webcam I learned about from a fellow I went to BYU with who is also now a Prof. It's fun to watch. I doubt anyone walking about has any clue they are on camera.

Thank you for responding.



Started in 2001

I moved here from California in 2001 to go to school at the Y, having never visited it before (and only having been in Utah once in the previous 8 years).
Attended school from 2001 to January 2003, then went on a mission. Came back in Dec. of 04, and have been back to California twice since then. Graduated in April of 06, so I only technically attended the Y for 2 and 2/3 years. I left with a degree in psychology.

For me, the weirdest changes have been the JFSB standing in place of the SFLC, and the destruction of DT. I used to work for auxiliary maintenance, and I spent a disproportionate amount of my time at those two locations due to their age.

After I graduated, I worked for Juvenile Justice Services (which had far more to do with service than with justice), and then went on to work for DHS until a severed nerve finished my career (I no longer have feeling in half of my left hand, which is a bit of a liability). I came back to Utah and now am the systems administrator for a small software company in Orem and run the advertising systems for most of the local independent owned movie theaters.

As much as people dog on Utah Valley, this place is, in my opinion, leaps and bounds beyond where I grew up in California.

BYU in 15 Years

Yes...BYU is changing all of the time. Yet, I think that it always seems to get more beautiful.

BYU ranks very high in many aspects, one of them I know is its physical enviornment (landscaping, buildings, etc). I am sure that 15 - 20 years from now it will have grown even more and will have many more amazing buildings.

I wonder if BYU will ever run out of space (close to campus that is)? Maybe they will tear down more buildings? One of them that I wouldn't mind to see go is the MARB... the seating is horrible!