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BYU Girls in Bikinis

So it's summer now, and there's no better place to spend it than by the pool. But I am just a little confused about the swim wear, please tell me what you think.

At my previous apartment, one that is definitely BYU APPROVED, I always saw girls laying around the pool in their bikinis. Seems like something around 4 out of 10, almost every time.

Now I don't really care, I just don't understand.

I thought that a long time ago the Prophet said girls should wear modest swim wear only, meaning no bikinis. Now after coming to BYU I'm confused. I meet some of the most amazing girls. These girls are so spiritually strong, but they still wear bikinis.

Was that a standard that was given by the Prophet or just a tale my mother used to tell me?

Also I'm a bit curious what guys think of that? Is it just no big deal or something that the prophet once warned women against?

I think following the

I think following the prophet is essential for reaching the Celestial kingdom?
Therefore, if you desire to have an eternal marriage...
I would not recommend marrying a women who has this problem with modesty.
But they can repent, but they need to have the desire to do so.

You Can Be Attractive...

President Hinckley said, "...You can be attractive without being immodest. ...Draw some rigid parameters, a line in the sand, as it were, beyond which you will not go.”

I think that if we give up ground anywhere, we let the enemy move in just that much. The only problem is that once in, the enemy bunkers down. The nanosecond he gets through, he starts eroding his dark trenches and building his tunnels towards your strongholds. Then, when a real battle comes, you are left with crumbling walls to protect you.

Our body is a temple and should be cherished and respected as a gift from God.

Halloween at Glenwood

Goodsight, Ataraxia you two are right.

I think that modesty is a big problem, even for BYU students. I remember a while back I went with my girlfriend to a Halloween party at the Glenwood. She was living there and said it was going to be fun. The party had food, music and costumes...

I was amazed (in a bad way) at the costumes the girls were wearing. They were scandalous and very inappropriate. I couldn't look anywhere. Plus the music was vulgar and there was dirty dancing. The Glenwood hot tub was just as bad! We left that party. I remember asking my girlfriend if those girls went to BYU. She said yes.

It all makes me think of the Strength of the Youth pamphlet I used to keep in my wallet. I went and found the words on

Dress and Appearance

Dress modestly to show respect for God and yourself. Never lower your dress standards for any occasion. Do not disfigure your body with tattoos and body piercings.

I don't know if the Prophet came out and specifically spoke against bikinis but I am sure that bikinis won't fit within the standards of the Strength of the Youth. I hope that answers your question brit4president.


Pics or it didn't happen.

Judge not lest ye be judged

My wife, who is 5'11 and a size 0/2 depending on the brand, has a hard time finding nearly anything that fits her. Dresses usually hit above the knees, and nobody makes a one-piece swimsuit for her form. Her solution? She wears a tankini (which is, technically speaking, a 2-piece).

Secondly, Brigham Young stated: "Teach them good principles, and let them govern themselves." Modesty serves as a hedge against the evils immodesty can lead to- casual disregard for one's own body, mainly, and the ills that can lead to. BUT-- the judgments some of you guys are making above are horribly indiscriminate.

Take, for example, fat people. I would say that wearing a bikini and being fat (with a few medical-related exceptions) are epitomous of the same sin: immodesty, or a disregard for the sanctity of one's body. But I would never dream of saying fat people are losing their place in the heavens because they continue in self-destructive behaviors.

RC is right!

You hit the nail right on the head RC. Others opinions are nothing more than that. When your right, your right!

Trying to compare women

Trying to compare women making an everyday choice to show off as much of their bodies as legally possible to people who are fat is absolutely disgusting. Regardless of whether or not the fat person stuffs their face constantly, is genetically are built like a tank (to all my bro’s on the football team) or just has a low metabolism, none of those situations even step into the same realm as being sexually indecent or immodest. If in the event of a person who would shrink down to a normal size if they quit constantly stuffing themselves with cake and ice cream, I think it would be the duty of their friends and family to try and help them eat healthier and become more active, just as it would be the imperative duty of friends and family to keep a woman from uncovering everything except parts that are illegal to show off in public places.

A bikini basically removes all pieces of clothing you can possibly remove without being arrested for indecent exposure. I think as church members our standards should be higher than that of someone who is just trying to skate the line. Being close to God isn’t about following rules and regulations out of social imperative or legality, it’s about trying to make his will your will and behaving in a way that would make him proud, so it really is left up to the spiritual maturity level of the woman. However, I do think in the case of BYU students it is the duty of the parents to make sure their daughter is not dressing in a manner that would make Jezebel blush.

In either case, you can't possibly love a morbidly obese brother/sister or indecent sister/brother if you advocate and enable them though passivity to continue behavior that will cause them nothing but harm.

low on the priority scale

immodesty is such a convenient sin: it makes it so easy for us to judge other people. lets worry about whats in our own hearts first instead of whats on other people's bodies. if a boy can't walk by a girl in a bikini without getting all lustful and wanting to lose his chastity with her, i really do no know how he is going to be able to walk down the street in any major city anywhere in the world.

I'm a guy...

All men everywhere are attracted by girls' bodies. Some control themselves better than others. It's a built-in vulnerability: biologically, guys want to see as much of attractive girls as possible.
My view on the matter is, I don't want to be distracted by a girl's body that way, so I avoid being near girls who show it off. Simple as that. My female friends are all modest; I avoid parties where I know there'll be a bunch of immodesty; I don't watch women's volleyball games; I avoid the beach and swimming pools. It's the only way.

I'm not worried about what girls wear for THEIR souls, I'm worried about it for MY soul.

The Sum of All Points

If take the sum of everyone's points we get this:

1. If someone is not modest than they are not following the counsel of the prophet.
2. According to the prophet of God, you can be attractive and modest at the same time.
3. To serve God and return to him we need to follow the prophet.
4. Even at BYU there is going to be a percentage of people that choose not to follow the counsel of the prophet.
5. Yet, we should not judge them or others, we don't know their life story.
6. Being close to God is about living a Godly life.
7. Like immodesty and lustful thoughts are wrong.

If you add it up, it still stands that immodesty is NOT following the prophet and is NOT part of living a Godly life.

Concerning the last comment, while major cities do have high degrees of immodesty, does that excuse anyone? If it does, what about the murders, prostitution, and drug dealing that occurs in major cities? We all know that we should live in the world but be not of it. Do we follow that?

The prophet of God has asked us to be modesty. In fact, we are given guidelines on this subject. If someone chooses not to follow God's prophet, that is their business. But what about you?

and herein lies the greatest

and herein lies the greatest problem: you are comparing people who dress immodestly with people who murder, get paid to have sex, and sell drugs to little children. my wonderful christian friends back in high school always wore bikinis when we went swimming. how sad that you would put them in the same category.

anyway, since i fundamentally reject your assertion that immodesty is anywhere near to the level of those other terrible things, my original comment still stands: seeing girls in bikinis at the beach or pool is going to be a fact of life until the second coming. worry about what you wear and whats in your heart. it is a non-issue.

It Is Not My Answer...

No one is being placed into any category. Of coarse anyone would realize that wearing immodest clothing is no where near doing such terrible things. My comment explains that, just because the 'world' does something, that doesn't lessen, to any degree, our standards.

No matter what anyone says, it doesn't change the fact that the prophet of God has told us to be modest. It doesn't matter if the person is an Eagle scout, a Christian, a Doctor, or anything else... if they are not being modest, they are not following the prophet.

So, to answer the original question, posed by Brit4president. If you want to obey the Lord then don't be immodest.

That question and answer has nothing to do with judging others, it has nothing to do with evil thoughts in someones heart. It's a question and an answer. And its not my answer...

Missing Something

Goodsight, I agree with you wholly on your points. One point I think you missed was when we find people wandering off the straight and narrow and we try to get them back on it we need to do it out love for that person and not simply insult them to make our selves feel better about our own sins.

It is not a loving act to sit back and watch people destroy them selves. Forget judging the "person" all together. We can all see their actions. We must try to help correct them as we KNOW by the word of God though the prophets weather or not an act is indecent.

Be a Good Example

I also agree with you ng2501. We can't just sit back and allow people to wander off the straight and narrow. That's probably why BYU has an honor code, and its also probably why the church has given us mandates on being modest.

As for us individually, we can only be a good example and be persuasive "by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned..."

How's the view?

Cause those are some awfully high horses you guys are sitting atop.

If your God will condemn people to an eternity of punishment for wearing a bikini, then I want no part, and I pity the people who would follow such.

When a prophet of God issues a commandment with no room for interpretation (i.e., thou shalt not wear two-piece swimwear), then perhaps your judgments are justified. Until then, the reasoning you all are using to condemn those who you see as immodest could most certainly be applied to other scriptural writings or prophetic teachings and condemn you as well.

We Shouldn't Condemn...

It still remains that modesty is something the prophet of God counsels us on.

The issue at hand should not be to condemn someone (whether they wear a bikini, are pro-bikini's or anti-bikinis). As RC says, there is no commandment written 'thou shalt not wear two-piece swimwear'.

However, to give a solid, unwavering, truthful answer to Brit4president's post, being immodest does not lead us to Christ. Being immodest does not follow the prophet's counsel. We all agree on that I am sure...

Now, the next question must invariably be, 'what is immodest?' We can all interpret that differently, right.

Well, that's why we have a prophet: Read the pamphlet for youth. If you don't understand it, talk to your bishop.

What Is Immodesty?

I don't think immodesty is wearing this or that. I think it's a state of mind. If you're wearing something because it makes you look hot and you know it, and you know others know it, that could be a problem. I'm a guy, and there are some things (like muscle shirts) I won't wear because I think it makes me look attractive; I'm showing off. That is the problem, not the clothing itself.

You also need to consider the effects of what you wear on others. Guys are terribly vulnerable to girl's bodies...

What about men

Why are you JUST focusing on women wearing bikinis? Isn't it immodest for men to go shirtless in the pool? Men can be just as immodest as women. I don't understand why people are constantly focusing ONLY on what women are doing and ignoring what men are doing.

Men can do it too

You need to consider the effects of what you wear on those around you. There's a fundamental difference between men and women.
Men, when they see hot girls, become aroused, or at least extremely interested in private parts of girls' bodies. I'm speaking from personal experience.

I don't know what girls think, but I know it's not the same. I'd appreciate an answer to this, actually.

Then of course, there's the mentality behind what you're wearing... are you showing off? This applies just as much to men as to women.

What you need to understand

What you need to understand is that you need to stop worrying about the actions of others and start focusing on your own decisions. If you have a problem with someone else's attire because you don't agree with it, leave. Again, that's a problem you have, not them. If you honestly believe that that person will be eternally punished for it, then go ahead and let them know, but do it only if you purely care about them, not out of some sickeningly misguided sense of superiority you have. And then there's the chance that they won't even care what you think, but that's their choice, let them make it and stop passing judgement.

You all are HIPOCRITAS

You know what i bet most of you guys that wrote in this stupid post love watching pornography. And girls that poosted in this one are fat and ugly. Nobody at least non of you has the right to judge anyone, if they want to dress a bikini thats their problem not yours so stop being so morally presumptous and start working out to lose some fat.

Thank you!

Thank God for you and your common sense VWLake. I was literally on my way to the bottom to say the same thing, but was relieved to find that at least someone here isn't a self-righteous elitist.
This is the biggest problem with the church. Not the gospel, but the hypocritical people who act and feel as though they are superior to others and therefore have the right to judge them.
"Let him cast the first stone..."
Familiar? Ah, and speaking of listening to the prophets, President Uchtdorf recently quoted President Benson by saying "God WILL have a humble people..."
Let's try that one out, instead of sitting at the computer bashing other people's problems to make yourselves feel good.