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Fun stuff in Provo

So I'm super excited! I'm coming to Provo this weekend and I was just wondering what kinds of fun things there are to do.

I'm bringing one of my friends and I was hoping you guys could give me advice. What is there to do in provo? Anything fun to do on the weekends?

I just want to show my friend a good time. My friend thinks I won't be able to have much fun in Provo since it's only Mormons. I want to prove her wrong and show her that people can still have fun, even without alcohol.

Thanks so much!

Things to do in Provo:

1) Eat. There's a wide variety of good restaurants in Provo, including decent (by which I mean non-chain and therefore much more authentic) Peruvian, Cuban, Salvadorean, Italian, Brazilian, French, Indian, and other ethnic foods.
2) See a movie. The top-grossing dollar theater in the US sits at the bottom of the hill into Orem in Provo. The dollar theater in Orem has taken to showing more "artsy" films if you want to demonstrate how au courant you are.
3) Go hiking. You can hike the Y, see Bridal Veil Falls, hike up Hobble Creek. Snow's not all the way clear, but there's plenty of places you can go that are beautiful and easily accessible.
4) Go hot-tubbing Nature's Way. There's a few natural hot springs that are about a 2-mile hike in in Diamond Fork Canyon (about 7 miles south of Provo).
5) Go to the Bean Musem (BYU) or the Springville Musem of Art. The Bean musem, in my opinion, is the coolest display of thousands of stuffed animals you'll ever see.

That's the best I can do. If you're into that sort of thing, there's a play-for-free paintball field in Provo and an ultra-cheap rifle & pistol range in Provo as well.

where is this play-for -free

where is this play-for -free paintball and the ultra-cheap rifle and pistol range in provo

Bike Trails

I just found this out, but Provo has one of the nicest bike trails I've ever seen. It runs along the provo river from Utah Lake all the way up into Provo Canyon and passes by tons of parks and scenery along the way. It has nice places for beginning bikers and some for more advanced. Check out the "Provo River Trail" if you haven't already!

RC is right

There definitely is a lot to do in Provo despite it being a small city. Really, how many other cities have gorgeous mountains right in their backyard. The mountains alone add a whole world of neat, fun, exiting things to do.

As for the food I am also in strong agreement... between Provo and Salt Lake there are some really amazing restaurants. Personally, I would start with a little place called Cafe Rio. Its rather inexpensive at around 7 to 8 dollars and you get a big aluminum dish of surprisingly great Mexican food. Its a good first choice.

Walk campus...'s beautiful this time of year, and a great way to meet new people. I especially liked the Botanical Trail at the south end of campus. You can access it just below the Mazur building and go left or right on the trail. One direction takes you under a canopy of trees passing above the tennis courts, the other direction takes you to an old Portland Cement esplanade that in the evenings offers a pretty view of Provo. If it is chilly in the evening, stop outside the Kimball Tower. Right outside the front door is a heat vent big enough for two to sit on. It is a popular stop for those wanting to warm up before venturing on. The info desk in the Wilkinson Center is super helpful if you need directions.

Back in the 80's a trip inside the old BYU Academy was a must do, albeit illegal, however they've cleaned it all up and made a very nice library. There are also usually loads of dances on campus which is also a fun way to meet people and also a movie theatre at the Wilkinson Center. If you have a car check out Sundance, the Treeroom is a great place for lunch and the resort has great hiking during the summer months.

Are you staying at Hellaman Halls by chance? If so, the pool is a great place to have fun and meet new people. Also get a nice sun tan.

Hope you have a super fun time.


You can rent Honda

You can rent Honda scooters/mopeds!!!!
They are so easy and fun in the summertime. A unique, romantic date idea.

Since two people can split a scooter, it is actually pretty cheap (less than a movie ticket, laser mania, ect.)

I think it was $8hr or $25 a day.

You can call 601-297-5758