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Love BYU...but what is left of Deseret Towers?

I lived in DT in 1985-1986 and loved every moment of it. My fondest memories of BYU, actually. I went back to Brigham Young last November for the BYU-Texas Football game and was a bit surprised to see V & W Halls gone and the rest ready for the wrecking ball. What is left now...anything?

So sad to see relics of my BYU experience going, going gone, and much of the campus had been improved, still loads of other bits have not changed at all. If anyone who visits this site is on campus let me know here.

On another note, I loved every moment as a student at BYU and have nothing but great, great memories. As a non-member, and probably the only Jewish kid on campus at that time I never once felt alienated. Although, on my last visit I did sense that it doesn't seem as fun as I remember it being. Maybe it comes with age or having a much higher standard than when I was there. Still, beautiful place to get an education.

Best wishes from Los Angeles,


Sad to see them go

Yah it was a sad day for those with memories there. I had some freinds who kept pieces of the building to remind them of all their good memories. It is always sad to see something that holds so many memories to be torn down.

the memories will live on

I'm sad I will never have the chance to live in the famous DT towers.

My parent's lived there, my brothers lived there and I hoped to live there. It is sad all I will see is a pile of lumber. But I know what they used to look like. My dad used to tell me stories, and I will remember them from what he told me about them. Sorry you will miss them, but you'll still have the memories.

New DT towers

Hey Rhodes1,

I am still on campus and walk by the wreckage of DT everyday. The whole is being filled and the mess is almost gone, but I would hardly say the memories are gone. They will live with every student that walked the halls of DT. And I also believe that it will only get better.

I think they are going to be constructing new towers. I don't know all the details but I believe the demolition was for the best. The new towers were old and out dated. I am sure that BYU will make new towers with better living conditions, room for more technology, and they will be safer. I think earth quakes would have been a problem for the old towers.

To end, I am glad to know that no student at BYU is alienated for his religion. Thanks for sharing your experience.

A great experience

And a terrific place to be educated. A shame about DT, is the Morris Center gone as well? I used to take classes until noon drop my books back at the dorms and then drive up to Sundance for lunch and study. In the ski season I'd go right to the slopes. I cannot think of a better situation for an education.

The gals were pretty cute too.



I don't think new towers are in the plan

From what I understand (and that could be wrong) there are not "new" towers in the plan. The concept of a 7 story building is not something BYU is interested in at this point. I believe they are planning on building apartment style dorms similar to Heritage Halls. The "traditional" dorm living with small rooms, large shared bathrooms, no kitchen, and a cafeteria will be limited to Helaman Halls.

But...I could be mistaken.

I've heard both, apartment

I've heard both, apartment style and high capacity. BYU is as interested as the local thieving landlords to make a profit on students. And DT was pretty high capacity. So it's in their own interest to figure out a way to house a lot of students... in a place a lot of students will pay for. A few years ago, I did some maintenance work at DT and they had entire floors that were empty.

Not even in Provo, didn't live there, but I still kind of miss those huge buildings. They were a part of campus.

Official word

According to the Construction Department at BYU (and it only took my 3 transfers to reach them!) The area is destined to be an open field or parking lot, at least for now.


Hey that's cool that you found that out. Personally, having a little extra parking space can't hurt, right? At least until they decide to build something new there.