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Mitt Romney for Veep

Have you seen this website.

It is a company / group that is trying to get Mitt Romney elected to Vice President. I didn't even know that we could do that. It looks like they are trying to put some pressure on McCain. They are trying to get him to choose Romney.

After looking over the site, however, I noticed this at the bottom of the page, "© 2008 LLC • Not affiliated with the Romney or McCain campaigns", could it be that they are just trying to make some cash with T-Shirts and things?

doesn't matter, mccain can't

doesn't matter, mccain can't win anyway.

Yes he can

There's a lot of Clinton die-hards out there who won't vote Obama, particularly in the South and the Midwest, New York, and California (not to mention Michigan and Florida, where the primaries won't be counted and went overwhelmingly HIllary).

Both Clinton and Obama are far more polarizing figures than McCain could hope to be.

Rasmussen Poll:

Zogby Poll:

More available on request.

i hope not

I think Romney is good guy and Would have made a great president. But I sure hope McCain doesn't pick him as VP. That will blow Romney's chances of becoming the real pres in 2012 or later years. McCain is a loser! And will surely screw things up, which will in-turn mess up any chances for Romney.

Look at Cheney, he doesn't do anything but is portrayed as a complete idiot and blamed for many decisions that belong only to Bush.
Or Al Gore, though Gore is a crazy extremest, and would have made a horrible President, I think he may have done better IF he wasn't tied to Bill Clinton in the 2000 Election.

The first George Bush got the white house BECAUSE he was tied to Reagan. People liked Reagan (for the most part).

Anyway, just my opinion.