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David Cook vs David Archuleta

Hey guys, my name is Brittany I'm new to this site but Ben told me it was pretty sweet.

I just finished watching American Idol and I'm totally bummed that Archuleta lost. It seems so unfair another close win for the Mormons. First Rommney lost when I was totally convinced he would do well, now Archuleta looses! We just can't get a break.

Do you think David Cook got sympathy votes because all the judges bashed him so hard the night before? Maybe its for the best, Archuleta can prepare for a mission now.

that show is still on? but

that show is still on? but really, i am sure it is some liberal conspiracy to keep mormons from achieving anything great.

i think your first problem was thinking that romney (or any of the republicans) had a chance this year.

seriously though, i was really sad when i saw american idol on the front page of today's daily universe. what a sad commentary on society.

It appears that America has

It appears that America has this years idol, just like the Israelites has theirs in the time of Moses. Only our idol can sing and dance.


well I am sad that Mormon's haven't been winning. But if nothing else, people are becoming more used to hearing about us, we're making the news. When the church is in the news, good things happen.