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Army of Freshmen coming to town June 22nd

If you haven't heard Army of Freshmen yet, before you even read the rest of this, check them out online.

This Ventura, CA sextet combines power pop, punk, synthesizers and rap to put on one of the most high-energy live shows around. Despite complete lack of recognition by the music industry, Army of Freshmen have appeared on multiple seasons of the Warped Tour, have completed several successful U.S. Tours, as well as a highly successful tour to Japan. Their newest CD, Beg Borrow and Steal, was produced by Bowling for Soup singer Jaret Reddick...and on top of all of this...Army of Freshman has been rocking Provo Utah about every 6 months for the past 3 years...and if you missed it, well that's just sad, but you can still catch them, Wednesday, June 22nd, at Muse music, with my close friends, Side Dish, and our band, Abby Normal.


Um... can't say that I'm feeling the rap part of their sound. And don't get me wrong- I like rap. I just like it to be done well. And...I like the synth-pop vibe. Just that the vocals need work. In my opinion. A lot of work. Or just get a new singer. The backup vocals are decent. Just- no rapping for that guy. Abby Normal is pretty decent- I'll probably catch your show- only I won't be there to see Army of Freshmen. For some reason I don't like headlining bands sometimes. Like....Secret Machines and Moving Units. Secret Machines headlined but I couldn't stand them. But Moving Units was flipping awesome. So you should all check them out. And...yes.

going off AOF's recordings...

well thanks for taking the time to check out all the bands MrMarbles... and I was saying the same thing you are about AOF, before I saw them live in 2003... who knows, their live show may surprise you. so anyway, we play at 8, hope to see you there, and oh yeah, there's a band on tour with army of freshmen from chicago playing this night called Split Habit, and they're pretty rad too.