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The Diamond Purchase: HELP!

The Daily Universe ran this article with some good tips on buying diamonds. Although the actual selection of a diamond is quite the challenge, it only scratches the surface of the challenges surrounding getting engaged. Assuming you've gotten far enough that it's actually an issue, the process of getting engaged brings up all kinds of crazy problems--from taking the risk on completely surprising her to telling him you want something just a little bigger--what do we do? What do you think? Should he surprise her? What should she do if she really doesn't like it?

A Word to Wise Guys

Guys, keeping in mind that each girl is different and that the most important thing you can do is make sure you know what she wants, I'd like to take you inside the mind of a girl for a moment, just to prep you for the adventure you're about to tackle.
1. This great girl you want to marry has been dreaming of this all her life. Make sure it's memorable.
2. She probably wants to be surprised, but she also wants to absolutely loves the ring. (And make sure it's not such a surprise that she hasn't made up her mind yet as to what her answer will be) She may not want to make a big deal if the ring isn't exactly what she wanted, but save her the heartache and disappointment by doing some serious research with her roommates or whatever to make sure the ring is something she'll love.
3. As for cost, hopefully you've saved a reasonable amount and she's mature enough not to demand a giant and expensive ring. If her tastes are outlandishly expensive and you're going to have to take out a 2nd mortgage on the house you haven't even bought yet, you might want to do some long thinking before you take on this expensive addition to the family.
4. If you're on a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd date don't even mention rings (this may require exercising some self-control). You're probably thinking, "I would never do that!" But it happens all the time, so be careful. It make the girl just a little nervous or uncomfortable.

ring suggestion: try moissanite (sp?).

looks better than a diamond...and no one need ever know the difference. plus, unless you want to dish out alot of $$$ for a diamond "certified" from a _Canadian_ mine; your conscience will scream at you for buying a conflict/blood diamond & fueling civil war & death in Africa & Asia.



I agree. Moissanite looks better than a real diamond and diamond reading machines can't even tell a difference between them. Since I am a girl and I want a rather large rock on my finger one day, I have already decided that getting the setting I like is more important that the actual stone - for now. So boys, if you want to talk it over with her before you purchase maybe the two of y'all can compromise and... say.. wait unitl the 5 year anniversary or so to upgrade to the real diamond. Just a thought.