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Why does the south always lose?

From history, it seems some of the most famous wars in history have been fought for South VS North. What's more is that the South always seems to lose. Whether it's the Southern States of the Confederacy, South Vietnam or South Korea, they seem to always get their tail kicked.

To my point though, I'm curious about the North VS South side of campus I've heard about. What is the difference, if any, or even by rumor, of living from either on the North and South side of Brigham Young University? Is one side more righteous then the other?

It's the football stadium.

Of course the north side of campus is going to win. That's where the football stadium is located. You know how the crazy fans get, oh... and the stadium of fire. That's pretty powerful if you ask me.

never lived on the south,

never lived on the south, but i've heard in general the north side is a bit more "liberal" given the higher percentage of UVU students...