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ProvoPulse is back and better!

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben and I am the new owner of ProvoPulse. I'm also the webmaster of (you might have heard of the website around BYU). I am a current BYU student and am excited for this website.

When I got the site I wanted to fix the database. It was an older version of Drupal and it had lots of spam posts. I thought it was going to be a an easy fix but I was wrong! It took more time than anticipated, however, I am excited that the site is up and running.

We've taken the old database (Drupal 4) and upgraded it a newer and better one (Drupal 5). We are also in the process of removing all the spam posts that got past the filters in the past.

I can see great changes and updates for ProvoPulse in the future. It has come a long way and I have been an avid fan of the website for more than year now. I am hoping to do my part to keep the site strong and Provo connected!



P.S. Since the changes have just occurred please let me know if you experience any errors or problems.

welcome and good luck.

welcome and good luck.



What happened with the last

What happened with the last guy? Jeff? Or rather, is ProvoPulse having a hard time staying afloat or something?

Just curious.

I should have mentioned that

Hey Farker,

I probably should have mentioned that. Jeff is graduating and was hoping to have someone who could keep the site current, since it is harder away from Provo. It's the same thing Mason did, back in the day. But I think we will see Jeff around more, even though he is graduating.

had to split

yep - I graduated last week and will be moving in a few weeks back east. I didn't think it would be wise to try and keep something going that is based on a town that I soon won't be living in.

I think Ben will take it much farther than I ever could.

its going to take quite a

its going to take quite a bit to get this site back up to its glory days. i remember there being 2-3 stories a day, each with 30-40 comments... good times. getting rid of the spam bots seems like a good start, but its all about content content content (not that i should talk since i can't remember the last time i submitted something of substance). maybe even consider an interface revamp? the current cluttered (seriously, has anyone ever clicked on those headline aggregators on the right hand side??) look is getting a bit long in the tooth.

A good idea

Hey Bismark,

You are right. It is going to take some effort to pull this site back to its glory days. However, I am confident that it is possible.

As for the layout, I think that you are right. I have already taken away the New York Times feed and some of the other items, but I think that I will remove more. Anyone have any other suggest?

clean up the blog/bands

clean up the blog/bands section. some haven't been updated in years. get some new blogs/bands on there, ask the blogs to promote the site on their blogs, tell the bands to promote their gigs on here, etc.

you are probably going to have to write some articles yourself to get discussions going. that will get the readers in the mood for writing some themselves.

i think you can start a nice little provo ecosystem of sites here with, etc. the fact that this site is not promoted there nor that site promoted here is a major issue. get some uniform designs, etc. i think you have a lot of potential in linking these sites. i don't know what your readership is there, but it seems like such a needed service i can't believe without a little help that it wouldn't take off.

I think part of what killed

I think part of what killed the comments was the censorship. Not much of a problem for me... but I remember Curtis saying that lots of his stuff was ignored. Whatever your opinions may be, Curtis was pretty well researched and documented. We had a lot of hot debates before, then it seemed like those were frowned on. I remember Mason pulling Booterwatch down for fear of litigation even.

Just my $0.02.

Welcome back. I can't seem

Welcome back. I can't seem to submit an article. All I get is a "2" and no typing fields.

In the process of fixing that

Hey ProvoJoe,

Im in the process of fixing that problem. Yeah, I realized I forgot to install a Drupal module. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


Its fixed

I just fixed this.

Glad to see you back

I visit frequently and am ever so pleased you have the site refreshed. I attended BYU in the 80's. Remember the 80's? It was a great, great time to be a student at the Y and I have nothing but fond memories of my years as an undergrad there.

Hope to see more content as time goes on.

Best wishes from the beach!