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The Truth, the whole Truth, and Nothing but the truth.

Well i'm off to Iraq in 10 days (USMC), but upon my return, I will be getting out of the Military and plan on attending BYU full time. I have a lot of hopes, aspirations and dreams ahead of me, but I would be naieve to believe that BYU is perfect. That said, I'm an LDS member who follows "The Rules", even in an extremely tempting enviroment such as the military.

So, what I am curious to know is how the society around BYU is set up. Is everyone generally church loving individuals who love the gospel, the church and to learn or are there individual problem groups that break the rules, etc. Is the honor code really kept up very well up there?

I ask because I have some college educated Lieutenants in my unit that said they have "been to BYU a couple of times" and that it's "Crazy up there" with parties and sex and that I "Should not be surprised or get my hopes up on BYU".

I have my faith, but just give me a little reassurence please, lol.

Thanks for you input, have a great day!

First up, Semper Fi! If

First up,
Semper Fi!
If you're comfortable telling us, what's your MOS?

Secondly, BYU is an entity composed of people, of diverse opinions and actions. Some on this board will likely tell you that BYU is composed of ultra-conservative do-gooders with rich parents who suffer from grotesque naivete. Others will tell you nobody follows the rules and that BYU is composed of hypocrites.

The truth, as with all things, is somewhere in the middle. Most people follow the honor code most of the time. Most people are there to learn, though there are some guys only there for the women/their parents made them/etc. and the same holds true for the women. There will be some outliers (as with anything), but most people go to BYU knowing what the honor code entails. There shouldn't be any surprises.

BYU has no parties that can even compare to the 24-hour-a-day party some of the schools in California's UC system are.

BYU is composed of

BYU is composed of ultra-conservative do-gooders with rich parents who suffer from grotesque naivete.

But sometimes nobody follows the rules and BYU is composed of hypocrites.

I graduated from BYU two years ago. I was frustrated by my perception of the mindset there (e.g. that since BYU is a church school all faculty actions are inspired, that wearing tank tops is sinful, and a holier-than-thou attitude). On the other hand, I DID obey the honor code and didn't feel like those who blatantly disregarded the rules belonged.

I had some buddies who partied, but like RC mentioned, nothing that rivals other universities.

All said, I am a bit nostalgic about my single life in Provo. I had a great time. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I went to a community college and am in graduate school now, and neither school had/has the same spirit, and I don't just mean that from a religious standpoint. BYU really does have a good feeling about it. Clean, safe, wholesome. You can have a great time at The Lord's University (tm).

You will get what you want

I believe that BYU is alot like many other things in the church. You will get out of it what you put into it. I have love and treasured my experience here at BYU. I have felt spiritually uplifted, intellectually inspired, and properly prepared for life. I have made wonderful friends, good, true friends. I have worked very hard. I have loved almost every moment.

Some people might say it is not great, but then, I imagine BYU would be terrible for someone looking for crazy parties, sex or anything like that.

Transferring in from a college in Texas, I have some right to compare. I can say fully that BYU was much better for me! I agree with Farker, "BYU really does have a good feeling about it. Clean, safe, wholesome."

BYU is...

BYU is exactly what you make it. In my opinion, your experience there all depends upon what kind of people you surround yourself with. You will become what they are and your experience will be similar to theirs, so choose wisely.

If you are looking for party group, it exists. If you are looking for a promiscuous group, you'll find that. If you are looking for medieval nerds that play with pretend swords in front of the Wilk, you'll find it.

What I'm saying is that BYU has foul-mouthed punks, spoiled brats, studious nerds, smart and popular people, and everything in between.

Sounds good to me...

Hmm, sounds good to me. Sounds like the kind of place I want to live then, no doubt. I've been doing a lot of research on the UVSC story as well, and I think I am going to major in Aviation Science (only because BYU doesn't have any, ugh) at UVSC BUT still living and socializing in the same Provo Community (The "North" side of BYU) should do me some good, and get me away from military life.

To answer your question, my job an 0811 in the military. That is, Field Artillery. I don't much like the MOS, and considering myself a geek, would rather have done something more related to computers then combat.

Anyways, I appreciate your answers, and still look forward to more if anybody wants to put in their two sense.

P.S.: I wrote a short letter to the Daily Universe with a picture of the American & BYU flag flying on my base (the only one in Iraq) and they said they are going to make it a viewpoint in the newspaper. I thought that was REALLY cool, so stay tuned for that one, lol.

Looking forward to the Daily Universe

I'll keep a look out for that edition of the Daily Universe. Perhaps we can post something on it here.

As for your decision to live close to BYU, I don't think you will regret it. You will find yourself in a great atmosphere and make lots of friends. It's a great place.