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Cloak Boy

Well, well, well, cloak boy has become famous. I've now read about this mysterious (young) man capped by a ratting BYU student who narked to a BYU police officer. What did he do? He was singing in the rain. Isn't that the title of a clean musical. Two Thumbs Up for "Cloak Boy"!!! I've read about him on and BYU's Daily Universe newspaper "Letters to the Editor". I'm glad there are various avenues for student voices and that The Daily Universe is not the only representative. Kudos to Provo!!! You rock.

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w00t, glad my post could be

w00t, glad my post could be of service.

get a life

sometimes people at BYU need to get a life. I might be annoyed if this kid was singing next to me, but at the same time, I'd never call the cops.

Two lessons:
1) People who call the cops for gay reasons need to get a girl friend and do something productive
2) BYU cops need to chill. Just because there is a lack of hippies running around, and just a bunch of zoobies doesn't mean they need to go harass the students.

(I apologize to all who are offended by my sense of being overly opinionated)