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Possible "Voting" idea for Tuesday's Utah primaries

So tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and the big primary vote here in Utah. You might get the gist from my other posts that I don't support Hillary, but I also don't support McCain. I am a hard-core conservative, and view Romney as the most Conservative Candidate.

I think it's obvious that Romney will take Utah in the Republican Primary. McCain just doesn't stand a chance. So I've come across an idea that I'd like to pass on to prospective voters.

Whether you are a conservative, or a democrat, if you oppose Hillary Clinton, then the best thing you can do is VOTE OBAMA!

A vote for Romney is all good, but I think he'll take the state of utah by at least 75% of the Republican vote. However, I think the close race is going to be the Democratic Primary. Democrats here (well especially in SLC) have been voting for crazies like Rocky Anderson, so they can't be trusted. We need to ensure that this is Race of Obama in the Deomcratic Spot, and Romney in the Republican spot.

From what I understand, you must be a registered Republican to vote in the republican primary. However, You DON'T have to be a registered Democrat to vote in the Democratic Primary...meaning republicans can vote for any candidate.

So lets shut down Hillary!


mccain only has a chance at beating clinton. so if a conservative were to vote for obama just to block clinton, he/she would effectively be voting a democrat into the white house, since i think obama would wipe the floor with mccain.

true glider

I was just watching the news and they confirmed your information that only republicans can vote in the republican primary, but anyone can vote in the Democratic.

As to bismark90's recent comment - thats a possible concern. Obama has a chance to beat McCain, but he has just as much chance to beat Romney. The difference is that McCain is a democrat parading as a republican. The outcome is hard to know.

If it ended up being a Romney/Obama race, then it would be a very defined race - very polarized.
I for one wouldn't feel the world is falling is Obama won, but I agree that if Clinton won we are pretty well screwed.

The DNC would be stupid to

The DNC would be stupid to nominate Clinton. The anti-Hillary sentiment would destroy any chance at a White House win. McCain's a decent guy, Romney's a decent guy... but I think there's a pretty strong "I don't want another Republican in office right now," feeling nationwide. Maybe just my perception.

I think the race is going to be between Romney and Obama, and I wouldn't have a real problem with either man as president. But I think I'm leaning towards the latter.

Obama's not so bad

I'm not a democrat, but Obama isn't all that bad. If he won the entire election, I think the country would survive just fine. I'm actually curious if he might infact make some good changes that a republican would never venture.

I think Farker has a good point that the country is a little ticked at Bush. But they were also pretty upset with dumb 'ole Bill Clinton. I always get a kick out of Hillary's comments when she constantly refers to the "good years" when Bill was in office, and how he "cleaned up" after the first bush. I personally think Bill did more damage to the office of the President than did any president in the past. I also think he made the biggest mess.

9/11 could easily be blamed on dumb 'ole Bill - he had plenty of chances to act and get certain radicals erased from existence on planet earth, and he wussed out. Hillary will likely do the opposite....I could see her declaring war on Brittan and France...she is bound to pick fights with countries we don't want to screw with.


Hey Retards!! Sorry, that's mean. But seriously, why would you vote for anyone BUT Ron Paul? Who thinks the IRS is a great organization? Nobody I know! He can trash that organization and make the country work without it. Hiccup Huckabee claims he will do the deed, but his plan just puts all the horrible taxes on everyone in the form of high property tax, and high sales tax. One way or another you get the finger from the government.

Ron Paul has a solution that cuts gay spending, and makes things happen. Lets be smart here. Vote someone who is going to fix things, not make it worse!

Hillary vs. Obama

I think Obama is a better choice than Clinton, though frankly neither of them appeal to me (they're both running on platforms of raising taxes). The lack of manipulative spirit that makes Obama a better person, unfortunately, doesn't make him a policy expert (which he clearly is not).

And Obama's commercials... yikes. "We can save the planet?"

Uh, yeah... right. Planet's been around here for a few billion years, it'll survive for four more if we elect someone else.

On the other hand, McCain has an incredible temper and has yet to win a closed Republican primary.

Romney has flip-flopped on everything from guns to abortion. He's a great businessman, which makes him too compromising. Here's how I see it playing out:

Barack Obama: The clueless populist. He's popular because he's honest, but he'll make poor policy decisions based on his desire to appease popular appeal or sympathetic minority positions (affirmative action and health care, to name two examples).
Hillary Clinton: Shrewd and manipulative. Will be voted in only by older AARP members and far-left feminists. Flyover country will hate her, especially as their taxes go up.
McCain: A hothead who's not tough on immigration when that's one nearly unifying issue for the country. He's a politician, not a statesman, and I don't think he's fit to play both roles.
Romney: Awesome business experience, unfortunately hampered by a ludicrously corrupt Massachussetts legislature. The only one with any bona fide private sector experience, and he doesn't want to raise taxes. Yay. Ironically, is the only one running who's actually implemented a universal health care system within his jursidiction. He flip-flops on guns (which is a big issue for me) and seems almost too eager to pander.

My rankings:
Best statesmen: Obama (hey, he can give an inspiring speech, and I'll give credit where it's due).
Best politician: Romney
Most likely to win a barroom brawl: Toss this one up between Hillary and McCain.
Most likely to improve foreign relations: Romney. He's a businessman, and what's good for our economy tends to be good for other countries looking to invest here.
Coldest fish: Hillary. I'd be comfortable shaking the hands of everyone else, but Hillary is like ice.

In conclusion, the whole field sucks this year (ah, if Thompson were back in the race). My boss, who was chairman of the Utah County Democratic Party before Richard Davis took the spot, said he really couldn't stand the candidates on either side (I'm guessing this universal UNappeal crosses party lines into both democrat and republican territory). I feel the same way.

But, it's only four years, right?

Better yet, vote for Obama

Better yet, vote for Obama because he is honest, authentic and he is seeking to unite the country, end partisan gridlock and inspire the electorate to step up and do what was always our job - run the country. How embarassing the LDS candidate isn't playing this role and though he was willing to steal "change" as a buzzword, apparently Mitt doesn't even get what Obama means by when he uses the word (see above). Hillary and Mitt need to get out of the way along with their shifty, tired politics of the past.

Corporations already run the

Corporations already run the gov. so I guess Romney is a natural choice.

Hillary's a Hoe-Bag!

yep, thats right, Hillary's a Hoe-Bag! of course I'm not getting much opposition here. If only that was true with the rest of the country. Is our nation so corrupt that they want someone so evil and messed up that they'll vote that wrinkly bag into office?

IRS sucks too. If it was a girl, it'd be a Hoe-Bag just like Hillary. Any of you ever been audited? I'm 26, and I've been audited twice.


What were the red flags? Nothing! The first time I submitted form 1040-EZ, I was 19 years old and had one job. My parents still claimed me and there was nothing fancy to list. It cost me $200 to get an attorney to help me out. The IRS never refunded me my $200 that I forked out to show them that they were wrong.

The second time was last year. This time I had 3 jobs in one year. What was the red flag? NOTHING!!! I didn't write off anything, but take my standard deduction. The IRS is a liberal group out to harass the american public.

Lets can 'em!

thank you all for taking my advise

Well, I guess I can't take all the credit. But I'm sure glad that Utah shut down Hillary. I'm still disappointed that so many people supported Hillary, but Obama still took it with strength.

The race continues, but the residents of Utah have done their part to shut down the wicked witch. I hope the nation follows our path.


A vote for Paul is a wasted vote. The guy doesn't appeal to the herd.

Actually, in Utah, a vote for anyone is a wasted vote. Utah will go red regardless of the candidate and regardless of the opposition.

In any case, the IRS isn't evil. I've had nothing but good experience with the IRS. They aren't doing anything but the paperwork for the politicians who have enacted tax laws. Taxes are a reality, and Paul's rants against the IRS are severely misplaced. The least he could do is criticize the TSA.

- keep the name calling down a bit -

our resident Ron Paul fan. Thanks for commenting, I am amused by your comments. However, please keep things down a bit. I think "Hoe-Bag" is on the outer limits a bit for being viewed as bad language. I'll let if fly this time, but hold your tongue just a bit more for future posts.

thanks -

whats retarded is voting for ron paul

Give me a break...

Ron Paul????? Ron Paul??? He seems like a nice guy. But he's like the Ross Perot of candidates, no one knows why he's running, but everyone knows why he's losing.

I agree with you that the IRS blows. But he just isn't convincing the general populous. Vote Obama this Tuesday afternoon. Give up on Paul, this isn't his year.

Corporations? And Obama?

Corporations: They also build the car you drive to work, own the store from which you get your groceries, supply fuel to put in that car, and make great drugs for when you're feeling ill. Oh yeah, they provide jobs too. A corporation would be a far better choice to run the gov than a lot of the current alternatives, given that a corporation has to have good accounting practices and is accountable to its shareholders.

And Obama is good and honest-- other than his corrupt Chicago mob dealings (see his Rezko connections);,CST-NWS-obama05.article,122306obama.article
his desire to take away my extensive collection of semiautomatic firearms, even though I, and millions of other gunowners like me have done nothing wrong, and are in fact less likely to commit a crime than an individual member of the august body known as the US Congress (and can post statistics on that one too, if you'd like);
his desire to raise both my social security and my income taxes, even though I see little benefit (direct or indirect) from these taxes, and will most likely never need Social Security;
On the upside, Obama's not threatening to impose a plan that would garnish our wages or fine us if we choose not to have health care coverage (like Clintons plan would).

So if I vote for Barack Obama, I can count on a person who wants to raise my taxes and make me a felon.

i feel bad for ya man

I've owned a business (or two) of sorts for the past 4 years and never been audited. Of course I'm glad, and see it only as a matter of time, I wonder if they have just flagged you as an easy target. I know other small business owners that get slammed just about every year. The IRS is not small business friendly that's for sure.


actually for the primary votes our votes count more than ever.

you are right that utah will be a red state, and will stay a red state for years to come (unless McCain becomes the symbol of republicans, then maybe we'll all shift green).

But for the Primary vote, in this case you have two separate and distinct elections. Both of which matter. Utah is a medium sized state, who we choose to as our Republican and Democratic choices does make a difference.

During the election in November is when our votes are worthless (well, rather not as important). But here we are saying who we want to run in the big dog race.

Voting Republican may not matter as Romney will take the Utah vote by a landslide.
But on the democratic side, it really is a 50/50 chance as to whom will be the winner. Most Utah democrats reside in SLC - they tend to like extreme wacko's like that loser Rocky Anderson. Which worries many people who have retained their sanity that Hillary may actually win Utah in the democratic race. Despite whether we think Obama would be a good president, I think we all can agree that Hillary WOULD NOT BE. Thus explains the reasoning to vote for Obama whether or not you support McCain, Ron Paul, Romney, or Huckabee. Voting for any of those guys makes no difference, none will win in Utah except Romney (whether or not you like it).

Stop Hillary! Do your small part here in utah, shut her down in Utah! There are more sane people outside of SLC than what reside there. We can outnumber them and ensure that she doesn't win the Democratic Nomination.

gun control wont fly

I like the link you posted to Obama's gun control idea. Notice how he has never brought this up? It would be a one way ticket to losing every state.

I own several guns as well. I think just about every person who owns a gun is likely to have a "semi-automatic." How many people own a simple 10/22 - the most popular .22 rifle. It's semi-automatic and can be connected with 10 round, 15 round, 30 round, and 100 round clips/drums.

I don't like his idea, but I also don't see it as ever working no matter how hard he pushed it. The president simply doesn't have the power. He'd have to get the house and senate to allow it as well, and even many democrats see this as unlikely.

You are right, passing such a law would make many people felons.

Obama is missing the point as do many gun haters...gun's don't kill, the people kill. How about lock up criminals for longer than a few years.

Lets start a criminal system like they have in Japan. Very little crime, because people get convicted, and sentence for a long time. - Problem solved!

Obama transcends issues and

Obama transcends issues and party because his campaign is based primarily on uniting the country, overcoming partisan gridlock and inspiring Americans to get involved in the process - not pushing through his ideas at all costs. The "Mob dealings" line is straight out of Hillary's script. There's nothing to it.

and not even the cops carry

and not even the cops carry guns since their gun laws are so strict.

Obama is missing the point

Obama is missing the point as do many gun haters...gun's don't kill, the people kill. How about lock up criminals for longer than a few years.

Rational people don't kill. As one who works with the lower class (uh... much lower) I can assure you that loose gun laws, or perhaps the poor enforcement of existing gun laws, is a real problem. I don't have any problem with the vast majority of people owning guns. But when they're fairly accessible to the bad elements of society, you've got a real problem. I've got clients who, in one of their daily rash decisions, would not hesitate to kill if they had the means.

And American prisons suck. We should be trying to make our country safer, trying to rehabilitate these people, but instead we label them with lifelong stamps of rejection and place them into environments where they associate with other criminals, and therefore learn how to be better criminals. We need a new system of rehabilitation.


Transcend issues? Alright, I expect a politician to LEAD. While I commend him for his desire to "unite America," I don't want to be united with people who want to raise my taxes, give me government-sponsored healthcare (all the efficiency of the DMV brought to bear on life-or-death situations! What could go wrong?), and make me a felon.

Can you give me a compelling reason to vote for him?

And the Chicago mob connections? No, I am not reading from hillary's script. You'll note I cited a Chicago paper, which should be friendly to Mr. Obama. Can you rebut them with something substantial, like a link?