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Renounce war and proclaim peace...

First Presidency Message, Conference Report, Apr. 1942:
"Therefore, renounce war and proclaim peace . . . " ( D&C 98:16) Thus the Church is and must be against war. The Church itself cannot wage war, unless and until the Lord shall issue new commands. It cannot regard war as a righteous means of settling international disputes; these should and could be settled the nations agreeing by peaceful negotiation and adjustment.,17884,4889-1,00.html

Glad you posted this

Glad you posted this provojoe. That statement was the last official statement on the Church's stand on war. It is good for the members... and especially Mitt Romney... to remember those words.

Go Mitt!

Thanks for supplying the link to the First Presidency message. I hadn't read that before in its entirety. It was very inspiring.
It is clear the First Presidency supported the troops in World War II:
"Those in the front lines cannot be strong unless those behind the lines are strong also."
"We shall not knowingly call anyone for the purpose of having him evade military service."
"...worldwide disaster...has brought vital and difficult problems to the nation and to the Church—the nation because of need of manpower for the armed forces and defense works...".

It is clear the First Presidency supported those fighting in war:
"...members of the Church have always felt under obligation to come to the defense of their country when a call to arms was made; on occasion the Church has prepared to defend its own members."
"...we prepared and used measures of force to prevent the entry of the army into the valleys. During the early years in Utah, forces were raised and used to fight the Indians. In the war with Spain, members of the Church served with the armed forces of the United States with distinction and honor. In the World War, the Saints of America and of European countries served loyally their respective governments, on both sides of the conflict. Likewise in the present war, righteous men of the Church in both camps have died, some with great heroism, for their own country's sake. In all this our people have but served loyally the country of which they were citizens or subjects under the principles we have already stated. We have felt honored that our brethren have died nobly for their country; the Church has been benefited by their service and sacrifice."
"When, therefore, constitutional law, obedient to these principles, calls the manhood of the Church into the armed service of any country to which they owe allegiance, their highest civic duty requires that they meet that call."
"To our young men who go into service, no matter whom they serve or where...nothing will happen to you that will not be to the honor and glory of God and to your salvation and exaltation."

If you read the Book of Mormon, then you know that Nephi, Alma, Mormon and Moroni, to name a few of the main prophets, killed and fought in war for their people. One of the most inspiring stories is of Captain Moroni, who raised the Title of Liberty and rallied his people in the cause of freedom. He killed enemies in war. Alma 51:17-19 reads, "And it came to pass that Moroni commanded that his army should go against those king-men, to pull down their pride and their nobility and level them with the earth, or they should take up arms and support the cause of liberty. And it came to pass that the armies did march forth against them; and they did pull down their pride and their nobility, insomuch that as they did lift their weapons of war to fight against the men of Moroni they were hewn down and leveled to the earth. And it came to pass that there were four thousand of those dissenters who were hewn down by the sword; and those of their leaders who were not slain in battle were taken and cast into prison, for there was no time for their trials at this period."

Down with Mitt

Fortunately for us though, we don't have to rely on modern day Mormon Church member's interpretations of the Lord's words to find out if war is a good thing or not. We have the Lord's words themselves in Section 98 (which point out rather abundantly that our current contentions are indeed not sanctioned by the Lord) and this: