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Huckabee and Obama take Iowa - Does it really matter?

Well, I can't say I was surprised about Obama. Infact though I'm not a Democrat, I'm certainly glad he took it. Of all the Democrats he is the one I'd prefer to win anything. I'm not a Hillary supporter by any degree, so pretty much as long as she loses I think the country will survive another 4 years.

As far as Huckabee... does that seem odd to some of you? I don't know if I like him or not. I think he has more Good & Bad stuff going for him than any other Candidate. Maybe it's just that Mormon side of me that is a bit defensive of his Anti-Mormon opinion (he of course won't admit at this point), but he was a big supporter in the baptist convention coming to utah a few years back to cleanse the "problem."

I also don't know if I want Romney to win. Mormons take enough flak now. If he took the presidency his religion would be under fire the ENTIRE time. It would be the butt of every joke on the late night shows, and the "reason" for his problems (as all those who oppose him would blame the mormon beliefs). The last time the "people" respected the President was likely Reagan. But I think those days are over. Every president is likely to be hated by the majority soon after elected.

I guess all I care about is not having Clinton win. So I guess who ever it is, will be fine as long as it's not her!

Huckabee was a surprise to me

Obama wasn't a surprise, but Huckabee sure was. I personally don't want him to take the presidency. But then, keep in mind, this is just Iowa. It isn't California, Texas, or New York.

a democratic win

there is no way huckabee is electable nationally. as much as i wish it wasn't the case, i think a young-earth baptist minister would be more disliked than even a mormon by most people. if he keeps winning primaries (which i doubt), the dems have it in the bag. and if obama is the democratic nominee, that would not be a bad thing at all IMHO.

Yeah, I wasn't too happy about the Republican results

Here's who I'll vote for if he/she gets nominated:

1) Thompson
2) Paul
3) Romney
4) Obama (I'd have to hold my nose, but I would, for reasons explained below)
5) Huckabee
6) Giuliani

Hillary is nobody's second choice, which is why she got schooled in the Iowa caucuses. There was an interesting article on it on National Review this morning. Hillary was leading in most of the caucuses until the non-viable candidates (those with less than %15 of the vote) made their second choices. At which point she lost.

Hillary and Edwards both frighten me. They both rose to power on other's wealth and knowledge (Edwards by junk-science lawsuits, Hillary by her husband). Edwards anti-corporate screeds bug me to no end. Perhaps Mr. Edwards is unaware, but if he wishes to shrilly cry about "Two Americas" and "Corporate Greed," perhaps he should lose his 26,000 square foot mansion on his 100-acre estate. And Hillary is far too manipulative for me. The wife of a womanizer running as a feminist? It makes my head hurt.

Huckabee, on the Republican side, is a big-government nanny-stater, another guy who thinks he knows what's best for everyone. He wants a nation-wide smoking ban. I don't smoke and think it's disgusting, but I'd never try to make my views legally enforceable.

If it comes down to Obama vs. Huckabee, I'll hold my nose and vote for Obama. If it's anyone else on the Dem side, then the Republican gets my vote. Obama at least is a relatively honest, self-made politician.

I served my mission in the

I served my mission in the south, and the idea of a Southern Baptist minister as POTUS scares the crud out of me. Everything I've seen about Huckabee is good... so far... but then again, that was true of the ministers from my mission as well. It wasn't until you got talking to them that you saw the viciousness, especially with SB's.

His anti-Mormon comments haven't helped.

I struggle with the idea of a religious man in office, largely, I think, because it seems like Bush has used his Christian based "gut-feeling" to make some really poor decisions.

On that note, I personally think that no Republican will win the presidency this time around, no matter who the GOP candidate is. I certainly don't want Hillary or John Douchebag Edwards in office, but I have no problem voting for Obama. Actually I think I prefer him at this point. His "lack of experience" is a real plus for me. He's not yet mired in the political game that's been ruining this nation for years.

so true

I served in South Carolina - and can't agree more on your views with Baptist Ministers. They are nice guys until you dig deeper and really get them going. Some evil ideas start coming out. Now I don't want to start a discussion ripping on baptists...but it's a rough idea to have someone playing his religion all through office.