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track the booters' manager/owner down! go to their office!

You know how most of the booting notices that you get are from University Parking Enforcement and how it shows some PO Box and not their real office address?!

Feel like going and talking in person with the owner or manager OR feel like picketing their office?!

Well, a few seconds at the site for searching Utah businesses -- -- shows this address:



MICHAEL T LAMONT is listed as the contact person.
1649 RIVERSIDE AVE is listed right below him.

But a search for 1649 Riverside Ave shows that it belongs to Valet Towing & Recovery also.

* So maybe there's two offices?

A little searching on the web ( )found this email address for him -- -- however there might be more than 1 "Michael T. Lamont" so be courteous when emailing it until somebody replies back here verifying that it's his.
Someone could also check with the (Utah County Association of Realtors) to see if it's the same guy.

* Someone that recently got booted illegally or unfairly might want to go talk with people at those addresses and let us know what you find.