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Parking problmes in the North Joaquin Neighborhood

Below are 3 Opinion Articles from the Daily Universe about the current parking issue in the North Joaquin Neighborhood and the problems created by the Provo City Council:

I just attended the meeting at the library for the proposed parking permit program in the North Joaquin Neighborhood. I was impressed that several city council members took the time to be there. That having been said, I would like to express my disapproval of council Chair George Stewart's words to the press following the meeting. When asked if there were any proposed alternatives during the meeting (as opposed to simple complaining), he said there were none.

Apparently Stewart didn't attend the same meeting I did (although I was sure I saw him in front the whole time). While there were a lot of wordy complaints, there were plenty of suggestions given to improve the program. Not all were viable or even well thought out, but there were some that really would help the parking permit program that is currently proposed. That he heard no suggestions leads me to believe that he already had his mind made up about the whole matter before the meeting even commenced.

I urge anyone who has an opinion on the parking permit proposal to visit, read up on it, and send your thoughts to the council at

This article was originally published in the Daily Universe "Opinion Column"
Gordon Mancuso
Greece, N.Y.


Solution forum

I have created a facebook group called BYU students against dumb parking regulations. This group was created to ba a forum of discussing problems with the Provo city council. This should not be a place to bicker but a forum of ideas and solutions. Problems should be brought up and ideas can be presented. With the analysis of many ideas solutions can be proposed and submitted. I feel and many others do too, that the student population is not represented well with the council and this is a good way to bring it to their attention.

This article was written by:
Taylor Cline
Frazier Park, Calif.


Write the council

I don't know if everyone is aware yet, but the Provo City Council is on the verge of making a parking permit ordinance that would require everyone south of campus from center street to 800 North to be required to have parking passes in order to park on the street. But this is not all. The 107 (cited from the Nov. 13 Daily Universe article) owner occupants in the area are being given free passes while the rest of the 2,067 buildings of renters are being forced to buy passes for $25 a year. Provo City Council Chairman George Stewart said some of the council members "feel owners should have some preference." This kind of discrimination against renters is outrageous.

While there may be problems with the parking situation, this ordinance is not the way to solve it.

If there is a problem, people can call the Provo Police about individual instances. This is a student neighborhood; if the owners don't like that they need to move - BYU is not going anywhere. Fine the landlords who overbook places, don't fine the victims - the renters.

This is not a comprehensive list, and I'm sure that many of you have other (perhaps better) solutions.

This is what I'm asking: go to Provo City Council's parking Web site at and review the information about this ordinance, and then write them an e-mail. The e-mail address is

Everyone knows that the Provo City Council hates students, but maybe we can at least make them rethink this ridiculous ordinance.

This article was written by:
Allan Tribe
Ogden, UT

I'll be honest - I think Provo City has it out for us

Provo city has it out for students. Despite the fact that we pay quite a bit into the local economy, they never seem to try and make our life easier.

Other college towns bend over backwards to try and keep their student population happy...what does Provo do?? Give us parking tickets?

BYU Decides

I don’t think writing the city council will have much bearing although I do think it is important to express an opinion. As I understand it, BYU wrote the city council three hours before it was to vote on the revised parking proposal asking for a delay. The city council honored BYU’s request and delayed the vote.

It looks to me like BYU exerts a lot of power in this process. My hope is that BYU would be a little more transparent in making known what it would like to see happen with the North Joaquin parking situation.

I think having BYU actively involved in the process is a real boon to students. What’s good for BYU and its student body will likely be good for the city of Provo. Hopefully BYU step-up its efforts in influencing the city council.

If anyone has a copy of the letter that BYU sent to the city council, please post it here. This correspondence may reveal a portion of BYU’s intentions.