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Local Provo Arts

I believe students are neglecting the vast amount of fine arts
available in other places than the HFAC. Don't get me wrong I think
BYU fine arts are fantastic, but there's more fine arts out there, right in our backyard.

In downtown Provo there is the new, but thriving Covey Center for the
Arts. Having been to the Covey Center, I've been impressed with the
quality of the performances and exhibits. December has a lot in store
with the Utah Valley Symphony Christmas Concert, Messiah Sing-in and a
stained glass exhibit. Plus, starting in January the Thrillionaires a
local improv/theatre troupe will be performing.

Take a moment this winter to get off campus to enjoy some quality
fine arts, I'm planning on it.

Woodbury Art Museum

Might I recommend UVSC's Woodbury Art Musuem...always free, sometimes good. It is at the University its a nice place to stop while shopping