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Airports SUCK!

So I have been playing the whole "job search" game. Interviewing on campus with prospective future employers in hopes of getting that coveted second interview and be flown out to their corporate headquarters for the final round.

I have been lucky (if you can call it luck) to have a few companies fly me out to different cities and interview with them. I won't mention which ones in-case someone here applied and got rejected...but it was enough to keep me happy.

Anyway, I hate the AIRPORTS. It's so far past ridiculous that it's not even funny. First of all, TSA guys are out of control. I'm a white american male, but it's pretty obvious when they do some racial screening and pick out the middle eastern guys right out of the bunch for screening.

Then in case you didn't know, but evidently Toothpaste, Shaving Cream, and Hair Gel are highly explosive when combined, and will blow up a 737 airliner....yeah....I know, what a bunch of crap! The real deal is that you can't carry any liquid type items that exceed 3.5 oz (so 4.0 oz won't go), and those items must all fit in one clear 1 quart bag. Should you fail to meet their standards they question the heck out of you, and steal your stuff.

Then either air traffic control, or pilots have become major wimps. With a light drizzle outside, it's enough to keep the airplane on the ground, get your flight canceled, and leave you stranded on the east cost.

Am I a bit bitter?? Well, you can decide. Now I'm wondering if I write a letter to TSA, will they send me a check to cover the cost of my stuff they stole, and the cost of the new stuff I had to buy to replace it. Not a lot, but enough to irritate me.

I couldn't agree more

I can't stand going through the airports these days. I think it has gotten worse over the past year. I flew a few times recently (within the past month), and ran into similar problems.

Yes I want to be safe, but I don't know if security really could stop someone if they are super determined. We can only hope and pray nothing more will happen with national security issues.

All you can do is just follow their rules, and go along with what they want.
As far as canceled flights, who knows what the issues are.


The TSA is amazingly ineffective. In March of last year they failed internal tests to prevent a bomb getting through... at all 21 airports tested. That was after investigators intentionally made themselves candidates for further testing. And three times this year, investigators took the publicly available carry-on rules, publicly available explosive-making instructions, and managed to get past TSA security checkpoints each time.

All of this, of course, post 9/11, at a time when fewer people go through security, lines are exponentially longer, and the TSA has received higher funding than ever before.

A fine example of government failure. I hate the TSA with a passion, and refuse to fly anywhere I can drive. I haven't been on a plane in three years, and that was only because Europe isn't real accessible via road.