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sick of Provo City treating you as 2nd class? fight back and get $10/hr doing it

Many of you probably already know about the double standard in the city's zoning laws -- you can have unlimited people living in a place and causing parking problems -- as long as they're related -- brother, sister, niece, nephew, etc. ,etc.

But if you're not related then you're limited to only 2 or 3 depending on the neighborhood.

And you've probably heard about the other recent slap-in-the-face over parking around Belmont and Arlington condos:
Owner occupants of houses will be given a street parking pass but owners of condos are being shut out. Renters are being treated as second-class citizens.

Well, if you want to make a change, a great way to do it is to get good people elected to city council.

There are several close races with good candidates that are student and singles friendly. We need to get the word out and we need people to help. We can really make a difference this year -- this isn't hype -- i've been involved in the last two city elections plus this one and this is the most hopeful one yet. We can really shake things up if enough people help.

And if you need some extra moolah, we're paying people $10/hour, this week only -- today through Saturday, to get the word out -- to put flyers door-to-door.

It's easy walking quickly door to door and taping a flyer and you'll be helping the people get educated to vote.
And you're getting a little exercise too -- bonus! :)

The hours are flexible -- anytime during the day or evening up till 9 or 10pm.

Part day or full day, any time that you can work is good with us. We can give you anywhere from 5 to 40 hours of work this week. We'll take as much as you can give.

Give me a call to get the details -- we sure could use your help starting right now through Saturday.


Roger Brown


Correct me if I'm wrong. Arlington was never zoned for student housing and consequently was not built with adequate parking to accomodate its current usage. It's not the City who is at fault here, it's the Arlington owners who have choosen to rent out their properties to students. Altough I do think the City is anti-student and does not give the university the respect it deserves, the fact of the matter is that I side with them in this case.

Regardless, I think it's great what you are doing. A united voice will be heard.

I think the Belmont ought to turn all of its green space into parking. They should rip out the lawn and pave it over. The Belmont owners ought to lobby the HOA to make the change.

Arlington + Belmont parking

Sorry, I should have been clear.

I agree that the landlords caused the problem.

The slap-in-the-face comes from the majority of the city council not being willing to open parking on Seven Peaks Blvd.

Paving some of the greenspace at Belmont sounds good, but not all of it.

Property owners should be given parking passes based on how much frontage they have on public roads. There should be no discrimination between whether it's a condo or a house and between whether the owner lives in the property or doesn't. They all pay taxes equally.

For example, if the city gave out parking passes according to the amount of parkable space directly in front of the property on the road. Let's say they were stingy and gave out 1 parking pass for each 15 feet of parkable space.

Then for example, let's say that Belmont has 300 feet of parkable space on the road in front of their property then the city should give them 20 parking passes. Then it's up to their HOA to decide how to give them away or sell them randomly to their tenants.

I think this should be done but the condo owners should not slack and they should pave more parking also.

And ideally, as a brainstormed idea, I'd like to see a law that says that you can't park overnight in front of a property unless you get permission from the property owner.

Anyway, we still need your help to get better council members elected -- we can use more flyer runners to run flyers door-to-door -- it's $10/hr now through Saturday evening and possibly Monday also.

Roger Brown



Just out of curiosity, does your organization receive any funding from either the Belmont, Arlington, or King Henry including but not limited to control persons, affiliates, or others with a financial interest in these organizations?

Do you own or have a financial interest in any of these complexes or other income property which would or has been adversly effected by City Council legislation?

Re: does receive any funding from Belmont, etc


No, neither nor Provo Citizens for Zoning Restraint has received funding from any HOA at Belmont, Arlington, King Henry or any other large complexes.

Yes, we did receive a donation this week from Paul Eckert and Keith King who both live in Pleasant Grove and who both own properties in the Arlington complex.

We have received over a dozen donations in the past and most of them were due to the Fair Zoning Initiative that we're collecting signatures. This is the first time that we've ever received money to pay campaign workers.

No, I do not have any financial interest or ownership in those complexes or in any property in Provo or anywhere.

I formerly owned a home in Provo but sold it after Provo City zoning officers made me kick out one of my three roommates. I then couldn't afford to pay the mortgage after losing my high-paying job. I sold it in December 2004.

Please remember what I said at the beginning of my original post:

RogerB wrote on 2007/10/29:

Many of you probably already know about the double standard in the city's zoning laws -- you can have unlimited people living in a place and causing parking problems -- as long as they're related -- brother, sister, niece, nephew, etc. ,etc.

But if you're not related then you're limited to only 2 or 3 depending on the neighborhood.

That's what paying these campaign workers was about -- changing the zoning laws by electing reasonable city council members -- changing those zoning laws to remove the inequality and double standards.

Mentioning the parking issue around complexes close to Seven Peaks Blvd is only a side issue of the larger zoning issue and the much larger equality issue.

If a society or city doesn't treat all of it's citizens equally, then where are we headed?

Please read
It will take you about 15-30 minutes to read all of it.
I think it's very enlightening.

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Provo Smack Down!

Provo city now has an Advisory Opinion against them!


Sounds like you guys are all discriminating against families who want to live in a nice area that stays nice over the years. I wish provo would do a better job at enforcing the rules they have in place. The landlords don't like these rules because they can't get rich off of rental properties. Dont be fooled, they don't care about their tenants.