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TPM Loses BYU Approval

Local management company, "Total Property Management" also known as "TPM" which manages over 50 properties in the area, including many larger complexes, just lost its BYU approval. All owners of properties managed by TPM have been given approximately 6 weeks to procure a new management company before losing their approval.

Can anyone say "it's about time?"

Daily Universe finally reports

On Friday Dec. 14, the Daily Universe ran a story about TPM losing approval to manage BYU-approved properties (see page 9). The article is devoid of any real detail which tells why BYU Housing choose to take drastic measures.

There are inconsistencies in the story that BYU is telling the the one that TPM is telling.

Alas, the mystery persists and will likely remain hidden.

Movin' On Up

I live in Hampton Court Park, currently managed by TPM. I just got a note on my door which states that starting Dec. 1, our condo will be managed by Aspen Ridge Management. I've never had issues with TPM, but that's largely because I'm nasty, nasty, nasty to deal with on the phone. Or in their office, and I've made my share of stinks. But I've heard the horror stories. I agree that TPM has done some pretty negligent, manipulative things to squeeze the big bucks out of poor students. I'm glad BYU is being proactive, even though it seems like it was a long time coming.


Oh man, you said it!!! I'm glad BYU finally listened to the hundreds and possibly thousands of complaints. I used to rent from a property managed by them, and gladly left when the chance arose. I know of no one who can say good things about that company.

I hope BYU starts revoking more companies like that. The bar needs to be raised in housing, too many people live in a hole and shouldn't have too.


Thanks for an awesome posting PastoMan,

That is really good to know. Has this been reported in the news or the Daily Universe? I would love to give the people who visit my website a heads up. Where can I find a more info?


Whoo-hoo! The system

The system works... sometimes.


Glad to hear it. It's at least five years overdue.

I hope some of the execs get financially screwed over this. It'd be nice for them to get a taste of their own medicine.

What is your source?

I’m as elated as everyone else; almost in disbelief. Just curious about your source though. Have you seen written documentation of this announcement or are you relying on verbal rumors.

I’m also curious about what TPM did that infuriated the BYU Housing people so much. Can you, or anyone, offer specific insights here.

Any speculation on which company/companies will take over the management of the affected properties?

Hopefully the owners are scrambling to get new management in place. It really serves the owners right for ignoring their customers for so long. TPM may be bad and abusive, but ultimately the owners need to be affected, or at least inconvenienced, for allowing bad management practices to persist.


I personally heard it from various people that are dealing with the situation directly (property owners and managers in the area). Just to make sure, I called the BYU off-campus housing office. Here's a summary of what they said:

-TPM, since it's a management company, doesn't have "approval" like a property itself
-BYU has chosen to no longer work with TPM nor any properties managed by TPM
-This policy will go into effect in December
-All property owners with properties managed by TPM will be required to either manage their properties themselves or find another management company that is NOT TPM.

I encourage anyone who questions the validity of this story to go ahead and call BYU off-campus housing at, 801.422.2611, to verify for yourselves.


TPM has one of the worst reputations among students for being neglectful in reasonable management responsibilities. I have had occasion to work with them and have found that their employees and management are adept at giving the run-around, and doing the bare minimum to address the needs of their tenants.

As for what specific incident put BYU over the edge, I don't know, but I'm assuming it's been a buildup of bad experiences over the years and that something very drastic must have occurred to merit the drastic response of "we will no longer work with you."

Many management companies are scrambling to pick up this new business opportunity and swoop in on the management positions available. The following are all the management companies I know of in the area:

-Legend Real Estate ( )
-Mountain View Management ( )
-Hidden Vale ( No link )
-Aspen Ridge Management ( )

You have a point though, that the responsibility rests with the owners, but many, I'm sure, were just duped by the fact that SO MANY others were using TPM for management that they were tricked into assuming they did a good job. That's no excuse, just a sad observation.


I really want to know what finally pushed BYU over the edge. There's got to be a really good story here.


Good for BYU.

Daily universe picked up on this yet?

Has anyone seen this in the Daily Universe? Maybe we should email them a tip if they are out of the loop.

holy crap this is the best

holy crap this is the best news I've ever heard!



Seriously. Worst. Company. Ever.

Preying on students who can't do anything about it.


I verified TPM's bad news with BYU Off-campus housing and with TPM itself. Apparently, TPM received notice approxmiately 1 month ago from BYU. Neither TPM nor BYU provided me additional details beyond what I have written.

I really want to know what finally pushed BYU over the edge. There's got to be a really good story here.

Owners Responsibility-Market Dynamics

I agree with you that the owners were duped. Management has the advantage of information asymmetry over absentee owners regarding most aspects of the property. Smart owners should learn a lesson from this experience. Management does not always act in the owners’ best interests.

Smart owners need a way to gauge the effectiveness of hired managers which should include feedback from tenants, the primary source of revenue. I have often thought that if owners knew about the about the bad business decisions that hired managers made, that the owners would likely take steps to amend the decision. This all stems back to the problem of the owner knowing less about the property than the manager.

Based on market dynamics, it does not appear that students place a premium on a complex for superior management or a discount on a complex with poor management. Unfortunately, management is fungible, an expense which neither adds nor detracts value. We in the BYU community just need to accept that management will be universally bad and hope to have limited interaction.

Where's the Media on this?

As has been said, this is a great expose story, but there is yet to be any media coverage. Where are the "top-notch" Daily Universe reporters? This is their chance to actually cover a story that will have an impact on and be of interest to, almost every student (and alumnus from the past 20 years) in the area. I know it's in TPM's best interest to cover up this story. Maybe the DU reporters are too scared of tackling a potentially inflammatory topic...I dunno.

I may be wrong though, can anyone find any official documentation on the topic short of asking TPM and BYU over the phone?

and how.

and how.


I called the off campus housing office yesterday seeking any sort of official release. I also asked what the deficient/violative conduct was. The student taking calls did not know and referred me to someone else (can't remember the name- Mark something..). My calls were not returned.

legend realestate

legend realestate is just as bad if not worse. they are following in the great tradition of screwing the the byu dopes,so what if nothing works,lets hike up the rent and not tell the owners and pocket the difference,theyre only students.