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Volunteer for Student Voter Registration?!

We still need help with our annual voter registration drive.

We have lists of students to call that we are not sure of whether they're registered to vote or not.
Only 7.01% of Provo voted in the City Council Primary on Sept.11th. We need to greatly increase that for Nov. 6th.
There's no reason we couldn't realistically increase that to more than 50% if enough people volunteer to help spread the word.

That's right, we have to worry about "Vote 2007" before moving on to "Vote 2008".

* Can you make as few as 5 phone calls or go door-to-door -- however you can help, please call me at 356-1032 or reply to get some to help with.

Will you please help a little?
The deadline to turn in voter registrations is Oct. 9th. There's 1 week left to volunteer and you can help with as little as 15 minutes. Please consider it.

On a related note, why should you vote in Provo?
* You live here more than half the year.
* There are some extremely contentious issues that affect you directly -- issues like parking, booting, dances, and zoning -- zoning affects how many of your single friends you can live with.

By the way, this Tuesday, the 2nd @ 7:00pm the City Council is discussing the new Parking Control program for south of campus and possibly for University Gardens area also.

Whether you go to BYU or UVSC or are graduated, these things directly affect you.

The direction that the city takes -- for better or worse -- will be directly affected by who we elect on Nov. 6th.
And it will be directly affected by whether we can rally enough students to vote or not.

Please volunteer to help get students registered.

The only requirement is that you've lived in Utah since Oct.1st 2007 or earlier. The residency requirements for voting are vastly different from residency requirements for tuition.

You can only vote in 1 state and why not make a difference in Provo this year? :)
Please let me know.


Roger Brown
BYU alumnus and chair of

P.S. Those that are members of the LDS church have received direction from the prophet and apostles asking us to get involved in local city government. Remember those letters that are read in sacrament meeting encouraging us to get involved? Please take at least 15 minutes and help.
Thanks -- and if you're currently not registered you can find the voter registration form at