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Spider-Man, Superman/Batman, Transformers Artists' Signing

Dragons Keep

Join us, Dragons Keep in celebrating our 20th Anniversary of Business, Comic Books and Gaming on Saturday September 8th! This will be a day of fun filled with Gaming, Door Prizes, Comic Books, Sales, Creator Guests & Much More!

The Dragons Keep Anniversary Celebration & Signing is a family-oriented event. This is our opportunity to say thank you to you the fans and our supporters! This will also be a great opportunity to interact with some of the comic industries most talented creators currently working in comic books. Great events all day long!

Our guest creators (Ryan Ottley, Tyler Kirkham, Andrew Dabb, Howard Tayler, & Dylan Johnson) have worked on Spider-Man, X-Men, Invincible, Dragonlance: Chronicles, Superman/Batman, Avengers/Transformers, Schlock Mercenary, Forgotten Realms, Call Center Blues, and G.I. Joe, among many others.

There will also be gaming and game demos on site! Game demos occurring during our event include: HeroClix, Collectible Card Games, Star Wars & More! BYU Quarks Club on site to support the gaming activities!

40,000 comic books NEW to the floor! On Sale! Back stock comic books 10 CENTS! 25 CENTS! Up to 90% OFF! Buy 3 get 1 FREE on selected comics!

Meet owners that have been part of the Dragons Keep legacy for the past 20 YEARS! This is an event for all ages and not to be missed!

Dragons Keep is located at: 260 N. University Ave. Provo, Utah 84601 801-373-3482 For more details visit