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BYU Book Exchange

Hello everyone,

Now that school has started everyone will be on the book search. In fact this post may be too late... but oh well, better late than never.

If you are looking to get great prices on your textbooks use the BYU Book Exchange. This is a website that is actually built, owned and maintained by BYU. You can get to it via "Route Y". It's under students > services > Book Exchange

Or here is a direct link:

The book exchange is just a classifieds type system that works great. It's safe, secure and easy. I haven't bought a book from the book store in a long time. I always pay less than book store used prices and I sell for more than book store buy back prices.

If more people use this free BYU built service than we will all pay less on text books. Check it out now.

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used it with great success.

used it with great success. highly recommended.