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Housing Shortage

I've been hearing more and more about a housing shortage in Provo for single men's BYU approved housing. I found a blog describing the story of a few BYU guys who just plain don't have anywhere to live. Of course, this problem comes at the same time that BYU decided to close one of its on-campus housing complexes, Deseret Towers, and also as they've shrunk the boundaries for approved housing.

Market Forces and Price/Value Ratio

Contracts went on sale in February 07 for Fall 07 & Winter 08 semesters. If you want a “nice” place to live, sign a contract early when everything is available. (Nice being defined as a dwelling which offers the renter an acceptable price for the space given—this is different for everyone).

I think the housing shortage can better be described as a shortage of housing contracts in “quality” buildings for men for sale (either in the primary market or secondary market) at the end of August/early September.

I like your point about DT’s destruction having an impact on the market. However, I feel that DT's destruction shouldn't significantly impact what’s available for students interested in living off campus. Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, and Wyview are obviously straining to accommodate everyone.

According to releases by BYU, 95% of its student body already lived within the new housing boundary. Given the fact that other complexes have been build within the past year, there is adequate housing available to accommodate all. Further, Alpine Village will be fully operational by the next round of contracts which will add even more supply. Although at $400/month and 12-month contracts, this is out of the price range for most students—demand for contracts at the Belmont Condos should decline next year.

Provonative points out that people have posted contracts on Craig's List. In my opinion, the housing contracts available at the end of August/early September are those which are least desired. By virtue of the fact that the contracts are on the market the end of August implies that they are in some way deficient. This deficiency is likely in terms of price, quality, or a combination of both. In my opinion, people prefer to write in blogs about housing shortages, rather than sign a contract that does not provide them with an unacceptable price-to-value ratio.

Let’s face it, if you want to buy a contract at the end of August/early September, you need to be prepared to live in a dump and pay a fortune.


Click on "rooms/shared"...there are lots of BYU-approved housing spots for males being advertised.