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Here comes the influx of the BYU and UVSC student populations!

After a great summer break, the population in Utah County will be bursting with the hustle and bustle of college and university attendees.

And with that comes increase vehicle traffic and yes, you guessed it, collisions! Based on my own viewing experience, I predict there will be at least two accidents every week on University Avenue between the junctions of 800 North and Bulldog Boulevard.

This phenomenon is a result of increased vehicles on the road and drivers coming from other states where, unlike Utah, people can actually signal and expect someone will let them pull into their lane in front of them (or yield in some sort of fashion).

Hence, there will be unexpected collisions. (No one gets in a wreck on purpose, right?) Most of them (I hope) will be "fender benders", but some will be downright wrecks.

I hope whether you happen to be an in-state drive or a driver from another state, you will be aware that blinkers signaling a turn or lane change ought to be respected.

It's important to be a defensive driver. (Somehow, it seems, that some drivers think "defensive" and "agressive" are synonymous.) In short, be aware.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Save your makeup application, ipod listening, and cell phone use for before and after driving to your destination, no matter how expert at multi-tasking you think you are.

Ugh, let the anti-Utah bigotry begin

The drivers in Utah are not that bad. Actually, read further:
Now, the insurance companies who stand to make or lose money according to their analyses disagree with you rather completely. Utah is one of the ten least expensive states to insure an automobile in. And there are some pretty awful drivers elsewhere.
-RC, a California native who knows how to do statistics and logical analysis.


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the issue

so true, so true.

i didn't see any anti-Utah

i didn't see any anti-Utah bigotry in the article. i am sure there is an increase in traffic collisions in any college town at the beginning of fall semester. i don't think any one is naive enough to think that most drivers around byu at utahns either. a lot of the problem comes from daddy's little girl getting her first SUV for graduating from high school and her not quite remembering the drivers ed class she slept through when she was 16. its something everyone should be concerned with nevertheless.