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How to solve University Parking Problems

Don't drive - Walk

There will never be enough parking, particularly for undergraduate students. Don't expect BYU to construct multiple high-rise parking structures to accomodate you; this is expensive and still wouldn't help you get to get to class on time. BYU is not a commuter school. Face the facts, park at the stadium or Marriott Center and walk a really long way. This is part of the college experience.

Perhaps all the walking is the reason BYU ranks as the fittest university in the country. Whistle a little tune such as Pioneer Children sang as they walked and walked and walked....

Free for All

I like the idea for a "free for all", actually, although creating a stacked parking garage comes in at a close second. I think with the "free for all" concept, it becomes first come, first serve. People will eventually get the idea that if they want that coveted parking spot or any spot at all, they may have to arise earlier or something.

Additionally, I think overnight parking should be punished. No parking between like 1 AM to 3 AM. That way, in case anyone is thinking of it, nobody would be allowed to park their car indefinitely and sleep overnight at the Museum of Art or Wilkinson Center. :-)

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they lock the MOA down

they lock the MOA down pretty tight.. i would try somewhere like the clyde to sleep over night.. the labs there are opened 24/7...