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People ding and damage my car, and I am tired of it!

I have had it with Utah drivers (thats another story) and just all around stupid people. When I went up to visit BYU campus today, I came back to my car where a huge red SUV that was parked horribly and very close to my car(and if this is you, then we need to talk!) So, knowing from past experience, I was sure there was going to be some dings in the side of my car from their doors, and sure enough there was!! And in fact, the evidence was obvious that the person tried to just "rub it off," because my car is very dirty so you could see it. But you can't rub away red paint and a DENT in my door!!! And this obviously isn't the first time!! So what are we to do, and I pose this question to everyone!! What would you do?!

It is obvious that it was the car next to you, and evidence shows they tried to smudge it away, but unsuccessfully, and yet they still just left it. Isn't the definition of damage simply that, damage?! Does it really matter how big or small a "ding" might be. Would you have left a note had the ding appeared while you were parking, yet since the damage came as a result of your carelessness with your door, it's ok then?
I'm not sure what exactly should be done, but I think something should! My car which I try to take care of is covered in "dings" and I didn't put a single one there!!
I know other people have had these same experiences and feelings, so tell me what you would do?

This YouTube clip says it all

I've even walked toward my car in a parking lot and watched someone in the car that just parked next to me throw open their door and ding my car. It's really frustrating - I like the doormat hanging from the windows idea...

I hardly ever watch the TV program Malcolm in the Middle but while I was flipping through channels one day I came across this depiction of parking lot door wars and couldn't stop laughing.

Here's the link:

I like sam-i-am's

I like sam-i-am's sarcastically funny comment. But in reality, what can you do, right? My door was dented, paint was scratced off, and this was no poor college kids car. It was a big fully loaded Ford Expedition, obviously parents who were on campus for graduation activities. And, honestly, its not huge, it didn't smash my windshield or rend my door inoperable due to the damage. It's just a ding. But then, thats what everyone else just leaves too. So it starts with one, then 2, 3, ..... the sky is the limit here, and unfortunately my doors are racking up quite a score. I believe it is a question of ethics, and that golden rule, "do unto others as you would have done unto yourself." So a note to others, if you would like someone to take responsibility and fess up to their little accident, then do just the same. Leave a note, apologize, and leave contact info in the case that person feels a need that their damage should be fixed.

First of all, check for a

First of all, check for a note. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Once your sure they haven't made any reasonable attempt to right their wrong, take out a baseball bat and smash a headlight. If it's a big, expensive SUV (like an Escalade) then smash the windshield (these people are always horrible, horrible drivers).

Then leave a note for them, something to the effect of:

"Sorry about your windshield, when I opened my car door I must have bumped you. I noticed you bumped me too. I thought I would at least do the right thing and leave a note."

Then sign it anonymously.

Sure it's harsh - but that person will never bump another person's car again.


brentraymonds comment is right on.

it's too bad that many students are forced to drive old junkers - and subsequently have less value in their car so they really don't care what happens.

I just bought a brand new car (my first one) and find myself parking out in the middle of no-where to avoid all the neighboring cars...

According to my uncle, this

According to my uncle, this problems goes back to at least the 70's. When he was at BYU, he had a roomate who wrote "I HATE DINGS" on four rubber door mats which he then somehow hanged on the outside of his doors whenever he parked.

Ding Dong...The witch is dead

Dings are unfortunate. What I dislike more are dents. I got one the first month I moved back to Provo. My car still ran the same, but, yeah, anyway... I didn't know exactly where it happened. I reported it to my insurance company, but since I only had liability coverage, they couldn't do much about it financially-speaking.

I feel for you...I mean what can you really do for recourse when someone won't fess up to it?

One major factor is that when people park, a lot of them just don't try to center themselves between parking stripes or they don't care. Then, it's like a domino effect. One person parks too close to the left line and then other cars parking in the same row have to compensate just to be able to get out of their car, so they end up parking too close to the left line.

Parking, believe it or not is a skill.

And it's good to remember that other people value their vehicles as much as you value yours--even if you think their car is piece of junk and yours is in mint condition.

Be aware. Why do you even have to open your door in a hurry? If you are a parent, take some time to teach your children to open doors slowly. Open it carefully and with some restraint, so if it does accidentally make contact with the car next door (no pun intended) it's less likely to remove the paint.

And hey, if you do ding or dent someone's car, show some fortitude and admit it. Leave a note with a name and phone number or something.

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swing your bat

I would go down swinging - hit every car in the parking lot until the guy who screwed up your car comes out screaming....

of course you'll go to jail and maybe someone will hit you with a bat but at least you got your anger out :)

maybe not so far

lazair2 - maybe not go that far (ha ha). Though I'm sure you were just joking. I don't know what to say about Ryans Question. I've run into myself. I think I would get the licence plate of the car (if you know which car did it), and file a police report so you can get your insurance company to collect from their insurance company.

parking lot rage

I work in outside sales so I am in 10 or more parking lots daily and my car gets dinged on occasion-usually while I am in it and the person doing the damage does not apolgize....I never say anything...until today. I was in a rental and out a lot of money for the rental and car repairs. A lady dinged my car while I was in it...I got out of my car and explained that I needed her contact information....I would not point it out but if the rental company asks about the ding I don't want to be liable. She denied hitting my car jumped out of her car to prove me wrong-and hit my car with her door even harder this time. It went downhill from there-she told me I should expect my car to be dinged and when she has a rental she parks "way out" was freezing cold btw. Also, I was in a compact car and comletely in the lines...she was in a boat. I finally just said- forget she continued with insults...her husband gave me his phone number embarrassed. So if ever again, I will just take a picture of the license and report them! IT is not worth it:)