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Journalist claims Rumsfeld authorized harsh treatment of Iraqis

from the this-is-starting-to-sound-like-Abu-Gate dept.
Seymour M. Hersh of the New Yorker has published a much talked about article claiming to have found evidence that the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal goes all the way to the top--to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld himself. Allegedly he authorized a secret program which allowed for harsher interrogation tactics in Iraq. The Pentagon released a statement calling these allegations "outlandish, conspiratorial, and filled with error and anonymous conjecture." Things just seem to be getting worse for Rumsfeld and for Bush in general. NPR radio reports on this can be found here and here.

what scandal?

What about the 4 Americans burned and drug through the streets? The other 2 beheaded and broadcast on the internet? The extreme Muslims don't fear death, they worship it. If you want to interrogate them, beating them and using physical torture does nothing. They are proud to take it for their cause. The only thing that will work for interrogations with these people is humiliation. Let's also not forget that the people in this prison were the worst of the worst when it comes to insurgents. Most of them probably had American blood on their hands. Thousands of people died in 9/11. Do the people of this nation not remember this? These prisoners are ones who support terrorism. Many people are having a hard time supporting this war because it wasn't a world nation that attacked us. It was still an attack on the United States. Let's not let the liberal agenda that is opposing the war only for their political gain get in the way of protecting our freedom. What's worse, interrogating with some humiliation or burning bodies, dragging them through the streets, and beheading others? How come the left media is not pointing out how evil our enemy is? Who's a true American, and who's against us?

Evil is Still Evil

Am I understanding you correctly? It seems that you're saying that the nature of the enemy makes the harsh treatment and humiliation of Iraqi's acceptable. Regardless of the wrong the enemy has done, America is a nation that should exemplify moral uprightness and human rights. There's no question that this is a scandal--I am shocked and disappointed that my own country is to blame for acts similar to those of the Holocaust that we've abhored for so long.


wow! someone without a login just got ripped a new one...


I'm not saying I necessarily agree with the way the Iraqi prisoners were treated, all I'm saying is that humiliation is the only way to get them to talk. A few renegade soldiers took it a little too far. The media (who is against the war) is explioting this whole "prison abuse scandal" way too much.

Please explain how these acts are similar to the Holocaust. I'd really like to see that. Here is a brief description of the Holocaust:
"none of them had the faintest of notions that in three or four hours they'd be reduced to ashes.
When they reached the "undressing room," they saw that it looked like an International Information Center! On the walls were hooks, and each hook had a number. Beneath the hooks were wooden benches. So people could undress "more comfortably," it was said. And on the numerous pillars that held up this underground "undressing room," there were signs with slogans in several languages: "Clean is good!" "Lice can kill!" "Wash yourself!" "To the disinfection area." All those signs were only there to lure people into the gas chamgers already undressed. And to the left at a right angle, was the gas chamber with its massive door.
In the Crematoriums 2 and 3, Zyklon gas crystals were poured in by a so-called SS disinfection squad through the ceiling, and in Crematorums 4 and 5 through side openings. With five or six canisters of gas they could kill around two thousand people. This so-called disinfection squad arrived in a truck marked with a red cross and escorted people along to make them believe they were being led to take a bath.
You must remember, it had to go fast. And the Blue Squad also had the task of leading the sick and the aged to the "infirmary," so as to not delay the flow of people to the gas chambers. Old people would have slowed it down. Assignment to the "infirmary" was decided by Germans. . . Old women, sick children, children whose mother was sick, or whose grandmother was very old, were sent along with the grandma, because she didn't know about the "infirmary." It had a white flag with a red cross. A passage led to it. Until they reached the end, they saw nothing. Then they'd see the dead in the pit. They were forced to strip, to sit on a sand-bank, and were killed with a shot in the neck. They fell into the pit. There was always a fire in the pit. With rubbish, paper and gasoline, people burn very well."

Now, I'm not justifying the acts done to the Iraqi prisoners, but really, this is not the Holocaust. Please read your history first and then explain how these acts are similar to the Holocaust.