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University Villa dropping the ball

Imagine getting a notice that in five days a construction crew will begin a two-week renovation process on your apartment that involves completely cutting your water, rendering both your bathroom and kitchen unusable, yet (in violation of their housing contract) refuses to provide any compensation for the inconvenience other than a "crash apartment".

Well, be glad you don't live at University Villa.

Here's the story care of Jacob Brunson:

no surprise

Yeah, that sucks. Can't say I'm surprised though. In my experience, the landlords in Provo have about as much honesty and integrity as booters. They'll squeeze every penny they can out of you. Two quick stories.

1. Before moving to Provo, I planned on moving in with some friends at University Villa (coincidence?). Being 800 miles away, I made a weekend trip to Utah and gave the management the standard first and last month's rent, plus deposit, plus the $50 application fee. The next day, my roommates-to-be let me know they found a better complex to move into. We were signing for fall semester, and this was in March. So I go right back to the management and explain that we're going somewhere else. They hadn't yet registered in my info-- my application was still in the folder with everyone else's! They entered my information in front of me and then proceeded to give me considerably less money than I had given them the day before, citing the non-refundable application fee and some other fee. Ridiculous.

2. I lived in Manavu Condo's over on 4th East 7th North during spring/summer. The contract stated the rent as $140 a month, and the manager (my roommate) told me that as I had to move out on August 16th, that it would be pro-rated. Not so. Not only that, but when I moved out, and got my "refund check" two months later, they marked that they had some cleaning person go in for 2 1/2 hours to clean up after me and I had checked out improperly, totalling something like $175. The interesting thing is that my "improper checkout" consisted of them not being able to come check me out while I wasn't working. They did checkouts between 9-4 or something, apparently unaware of what most people do during that time, EARN A FREAKING LIVING. Anyhow, all of my roommates stayed and they told me that nobody ever came to clean up after me, in fact someone else moved in two days after I was gone. The management company (I'll edit this comment and add it when I remember) never returned any of my several calls.

You know, this is probably really pessimistic, but I've learned that here in Provo, it's okay to be dishonest if you can make some extra money.

Squeaky Wheel Gets Oil?

Just to be fair, I thought I would report that there is a rumor that the University Villa management will be offering the residents $40 compensation. However, this is not official yet.

Is this another case of the squeaky wheel getting some oil? If true, it shows that perhaps students aren't completely hopeless.

However, I suspect that simply giving residents some money (or rent credits as it will probably turn out to be) will not change much around here. University Villa management needs to do make some serious efforts to get organized. I suggest

  • Better advanced notification. During the remodeling, they should have weekly updates sent to all residents in the complex.
  • More honest communications. It doesn't do any good to post office hours if you aren't going to keep them. It also doesn't do anyone any good to say something is going to be done, and then it never is done.
  • Get an office cell phone. If the management can't be in their office during office hours, perhaps they should consider getting a cell phone to call when they aren't in the office. If they can't handle all the calls, then perhaps they should hire some additional office help.
  • Get organized. When trying to move into a "crash apartment" they had a hard time giving us four keys to an apartment that matched.
  • Follow up. Management could heal a lot of bad feelings if they made sure to follow up on all work orders and other requests.

Anyway, on my blog I am committed to trying and making things better. I want other people to be aware of what is going on at University Villa Apartments. I'm not just doing this to complain, but to try and get things rolling in the right direction.

I love Utah...ha

Not surprising for a state that is the fraud capital of the galaxy.

Most Mormons are so tolerant, gullible, and easily pushed around that it boggles the mind. And the Mormons who have figured this out are taking complete advantage.

I put the booter shenanigans, the multi-level marketing bonanzas, and the BYU student apartment problems all in the same basket. The sad truth is that many people in the Church have made the almighty dollar their almighty god. And they've found the perfect marks: fellow members of the Church.

Perfect Candidate

Sounds like a perfect candidate for Vent on.

I know some guys who are

I know some guys who are starting up a website that'll have a feature a lot like and combined...
Bet they'll be hearing a lot of stories like this.
Actually, the site's got an online wilkboard portion that's in beta,

Amen. I couldn't have said

Amen. I couldn't have said it better myself.